Outsourcing Sales Fortune 500

Outsourcing Product Launch Sales Case Study for Fortune 500 Publisher and MR firm

Selling To: VPs Marketing, VPs and Directors MARCOM, Agencies, Managers Internet Marketing

Challenge: A heavily siloed organization was aggressively developing new online and offline lead generation and brand awareness solutions.  Programs were being acquired through partnerships, built internally or through mergers and acquisitions.  They found that the programs acquired in overseas markets did not always resonate with US marketers, and existing overseas price points were too aggressive for US marketers.  Also, rolling out products to existing sales teams had produced a detrimental effect or wildly skewed existing company plans.


  1. Sales Consulting and New Product Launch-Gabriel Sales creates target database, develops value propositions and tests new product or servicing offering to 800 prospects
  2. New Product Launch-Every prospect contact is measured as value prop is defined and product is priced
  3. Sales Process Consulting-VM scripts, cold call scripts, value propositions and qualifying questions are created and finalized.  Metrics and ratios for forecasts and quotas are created.


  • 8 new products/solutions tested
    • 4 gained traction and reached significant sales bench marks
    • 3 are now successful businesses units generating in excess of $500K – $1M plus revenue across more than one geography
    • 1 product failed because of operational overhead

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