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This is the second half of a blog series on B2B content ideas for ongoing or consistent content production. For Part 1, click here.

4.  Conference attendance

For any type of professional event you are hosting or attending, you should create content. This could be simple blog posts or even emails letting your readers know the who, what, when, where and why of what you are attending/hosting. If you want your readers to engage with you in some way at the event (e.g. meet with you at a conference), make sure you publish/send the content far enough in advance for people to make plans.

5.  Common objections

In B2B sales, you often hear the same objections over and over again during your sales process (e.g. “We don’t do SaaS products” or, “I don’t want to outsource X”). Building content around these common objections allows you to have collateral when you run into these objections on phone calls. Just imagine the conversation: the objection is raised, and your sales rep is able to say, “I totally appreciate you raising that issue. It is a fair concern that we hear all the time and to address it, could I send you this quick blog we’ve published on the topic?”.

6.  New client mentions

If you have your client’s permission, you can write blogs or send updates in newsletters each time you bring on a new client successfully. A lot of online business news publications will publish these types of updates if submitted in the form of a press release, especially if the client is particularly well known or the solution is novel in some way. Along the same lines, you can also publish content when your clients achieve some type of success that you have been instrumental in creating (e.g. winning an award, surviving an IT disaster, passing an audit with flying colors, etc.).

7.  Comparison matrix

For more complex sales like SaaS platforms or management consulting services, creating a comparison matrix can be very helpful. By comparing features, levels or protection, levels of maturity, pricing, etc., you can help you prospects in their decision making process while highlighting the value of your solution. For example, if your software solution has four or five features that your major competitors do not, a matrix is a great way to quickly prove that difference in a visual format.

Creating content is always going to require some work, but sometimes coming up with an idea is more than half the battle. Hopefully these ideas help you get started!

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