outsourcing sales teamDuring this time of year, many B2B companies are pursuing their 2013 sales goals with full force and speed ahead.  A lot of companies make lofty goals in January, but are then unable to reach them because of weaknesses in their overall strategy or process.  If you are having problems reaching your sales goals or growing as a business, you may want to consider looking into an outsourced sales option.

Here are some of the ways outsourcing B2B sales and marketing can help your company achieve their sales goals in 2013:

  • Gained access to an entire sales team for approximately the cost of one internal sales rep.  Despite how incredible an individual may be in terms of talent and skill, that person can never match the combined training, experience and established relationships that an outsourced sales team can provide. So, instead of spending money internally to hire someone new, it may be more cost-effective to outsource a whole team.
  • Accelerate your sales process by deploying an experienced sales team for specific projects. When you set your sights high in terms of sales goals, you do not leave yourself a lot of time to spend locating and training new salespeople.  Anyone with experience in sales knows training a new rep takes a good deal of time and effort on your part.  If you do not want to spend the first quarter training, hiring an outsourced team with plenty of prior experience is your best option.
  • Time to investigate new markets and establish new territory prior to hiring new in house sales reps. If you do not have years of experience finding salespeople in your specific market, it can be quite difficult to build a successful internal sales team.  This is because most great salespeople have a specialty that they unwilling to deviate from. Using outsourcing can help with this dilemma because it allows you time to become more familiar with the market you wish to enter to make connections and entice the best salespeople your way.
  • Experiment with new offerings while retaining the focus of your in house team.  The launch of a new product or service is one of the best times to use an outsourcing sales and marketing company.  This is because you can keep your internal team focused on your current products and proven strategies for success while the outsourced team can test the response of your new product and make adjustments.
  • Build a platform for direct sales without affecting your sales channel, or create a sales channel without impacting direct sales. Similarly to the way outsourcing is effective during a new product launch, an outsourced sales team can also be leveraged during a transition between sales models.  When attempting to add or transition between sales models, you can keep your internal team focused on the old model and let the outsourcing team navigate the new one.  The outsourcing team can assess any concerns or dangers, flush them out and make sure your new sales model is set up to succeed.

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