This blog will discuss a competitive advantage and a Best Practice for B2B Lead Generation for 2013. As a qualified sales lead generation company, we were surprised how many B2B marketers still had a black box correlating b2b lead generation to sales return on investment. We will let the graphics below demonstrate how easy it could be for your business to gain a leg up on your competition by simply implementing a tool like Pardot, as a best practice for B2B lead Generation.

According to the 2nd annual Webmarketing123 State of Digital Marketing Survey (of over 500 U.S. marketing professionals) Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are increasing in their level of adoption and spend, where spend is forecasted to continue to increase in 2013. The report when on to state:

“For B2B, lead generation is the top objective, and SEO is twice as effective as PPC or SMM for this purpose.”

“Budgets: 90% of marketers will increase or maintain spending on SEO, PPC, and SMM.”

Still doing SEO in-house? “Marketers using an agency are twice as likely to be highly satisfied with their campaign performance.”

What we found surprising in the study are the statistics below:

Hopefully a couple of pictures do paint a thousand words here. As we close 2015 and move to 2016 you need to ask yourself three questions around your b2b lead generation efforts.

  • How do I improve what I don’t measure?
  • If I do measure will it improve my performance?
  • How much more revenue will I generate once I focus my marketing dollars on what’s producing?

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