How to Successfully Sell to the Modern Digital First Buyer and Demo of Digital Demand Center

Part 2 in our Digital First Transformation Series

In this video we recap the critical needs of your Digital First Buyer and demonstrate how Digital Demand Center™ provides the tools, team and technology you need to provide your senior sales team and closers  with a sustained flow of well educated buyers.

Topics Covered in this Educational Video Include:

  • How “Digital First” Started in B2C
  • How Enterprise B2B Embraced the Digital First BUyer
  • Impact on the B2B Sales Process
  • The Choice and Consequences for All of Us
  • The Challenge and Mission for All B2B Marketers
  • How DDC™ Helps You Maximize this Opportunity and How DDC™ Works
  • Demo of the Tech Stack and Process  We Can Implement in Less Than 30 Days