As a sales outsourcing company understanding our clients Ideal Customer Profile is critical to:

  • Understanding what story your sales outsourcing and marketing team should be telling
  • Understanding how to tell this story
  • Understanding where your sales outsourcing and marketing team should focus their efforts

When you have a clear understanding of who you are targeting and why you are targeting them you sales outsourcing team will produce significantly better results on the back end.

What is an Ideal Customer Profile?

An Ideal Customer Profile is a process for you and your sales outsourcing partner to identify the buyers you should focus on for the best return from your outsourcing sales, marketing and lead generation investment.  As sales outsourcing company this is the first area focus on when we provide sales consulting during the launch of a client.  This area is critical because the leads you put into the funnel will have a downstream impact across the entire sales funnel.

Ultimately, an Ideal Customer Profile enables your sales outsourcing and marketing team to target your potential buyer based on hard criteria directly correlated to the type of company and specific buyer persona, such as:

  • Company revenue
  • Company employee count
  • Level where the decision will be made
  • Level where the decision will be influenced
  • Technology Adopted –  ERP, CRM, Social Media Platforms, Marketing Automation Platform, etc.

Your Ideal Customer profile should also include softer criteria:

  • Business Pain/Need
  • Psychographics – company culture, leadership style, corporate values
  • Education Level of Decision Makers – MBAs, MBAs from Ivy,  Under Graduate degrees

It is also important to know who you don’t want to sell to:

  • Are there decision makers or influencers who would feel threatened by the solution

The reason you want to start with this level of detail is so your company and your sales outsourcing partner will be fully aligned focused on:

  • Telling a powerful sales story to buyers that are most likely to transact
  • Creating the content and scripts necessary to tell this story
  • Focusing all your demand generation efforts on putting as many of these type of buyers into the sales pipeline in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

We realize that this can all sound like a difficult task but as a sales outsourcing and marketing company we have the:

  • Frameworks to make this process frictionless
  • Access to the database subscriptions to make the market research and segmentation cost effective
  • And the experience building buyer persona’s to help stimulate insights from our clients they may not have had the time or bandwidth to uncover

To learn more about why we feel this approach to selling is the right solution for many businesses in this new buyer driven landscape we invite you to check out our sales outsourcing services page or our About Us section which details our sales outsourcing philosophy.