outsourcing sales teamEveryone that works in sales knows that finding great sales people is not easy.  Gabriel Sales has 16 years’ experience in searching for the right B2B sales staff for our variety of clients.  One observation that has become abundantly clear is that a charismatic, charming sales personas have amazing skills to aid in sales.  They can engage in any conversation, they light up the room, and they just know what to say and when to say it, however keeping the CRM updated and staying on top of reporting may be a challenge.  On the other hand, we have detail oriented folks – they know who to call when based on their sales system, they diligently have their notes up to date and pipeline clean and tidy.  The rare find is the combo platter  the detail oriented, orderly, charismatic, charming sales professional. Whether we find the charmer or the organized, we learn how to support the team members’ strengths and weaknesses and adjust to make it work.  Whichever personality type you can find, here are 4 key traits to look for that make great sales people.



This person is strong-willed and does not let a loss affect their performance.  This person will go into each day driven to exceed expectations, and take the criticism necessary to improve their performance.  Nothing is taken personally because they are mature enough to understand it is to their benefit.  This person comes up with new ideas and tactics and is not afraid to think outside the box.  This person inspires others to take the extra step as well. Leadership is the first important quality of great sales people.


This person is willing to do anything to win.  Typically we find that ex-high school/college competitive athletes are a great fit because they are competitive and know what it takes to win: hard work.  Competition with co-workers keeps this person going, as well as their constant desire for self-improvement.


There are leaders and there are managers.  By manager, I am referring to that detailed person – the person who keeps on schedule, sets goals and meets them; the person that tracks his progress for anyone to pick up if he gets hit by a bus (of course that will never happen).  This trait is critical to the person who wants to move up and eventually be the Director or VP of Sales as they understand organization and accountability- critical when reporting to execs and investors. Many salespeople do not want to move to the next level because of that extra responsibility required. I think that is actually a good thing – as we cannot have too many cooks in the kitchen, but having basic management skills is a quality I always look for in great sales people.


We all know someone who changes the energy of a room when they walk in.  It is a rare trait, and often this personality trait is common in top sales performers. In an inside sales environment, this person will comfortably go off script and connect with customers on a personal level. As mentioned above, they just know what to say and when and make people feel good.  While this is a tremendous trait to have, it cannot be faked.  So don’t try to be that person if you are not; if you are seen as someone who is being artificial the sale can quickly evaporate. 


If you are hiring, good luck!  If you want to pass on hiring a sales person and leave it to us, read this article on sales outsourcing to see if it would be a good fit or just contact us here.