Good Better Best - EvaluateA landing page is where your prospect ends up after they have clicked on a link from a search engine or search engine ad. If you get someone to click on your website, that’s great. But, the goal at the end of the day is to convert and close deals, so if your landing page can’t do that, it isn’t worth much.

Your landing page has to be engaging enough that prospects want to stay long enough to get your full message.  Graphics and a nice design will help, but the content is what keeps people interested.

Here are three tips for how to create a successful landing page for B2B Demand Generation:

  1. Have something to offer everyone.

If someone clicked on one of your links, it is likely they have interest in what you do. However, someone clicking on your link may not know much about your line of work, as they are very early in the buying cycle.  Having broad and general educational content readily available will not only appease your prospects’ curiosity, it will increase the chances of those prospects coverting to sales qualified. For example, if you answer the question “What is Business Management Planning” for someone, they are likely to remember you when they realize they need that service themselves.

2.  Be specific, too.

No, we aren’t contradicting ourselves; your landing pages need to be both broad and specific. Using the “above the fold/below the fold” format works well for us. Here is an example.  While your early stage prospects need light educational content, some prospects are much closer to buying. You need to offer them something too.

As can be seen in our example, above the fold of the landing page is content that is more general.  Below the fold are several tabs, each with a more specific subject.  You can segment the tabs in many ways to further engage prospects and move them down the sales pipe.  For example, you can have tabs that read, “How We’re Different,” “Success Stories,” and “Pricing”. Each of these tabs will help your prospects with their buying decision and simultaneously help you understand where they are in their buying cycle.

3.  Tell people what to do.

The best way to get prospects to do what you want them to on your landing page is to just tell them.  Do you want them to call you? Then say, “Call Today!” in big letters with your phone number. Do you want them to download something? Say, “Download this white paper to learn XYZ.” If you want them to educate themselves, say “For more educational content, click here.”

The simpler you make it for your prospects, the longer they will stay on your landing pages and the more they will like you. So, avoid the complex and flashy sales pitches and just say what you mean.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.