As an outsourced B2B demand generation company we understand that shifting your culture is not easy.  Your sales team and your marketing team may not communicate fluidly.  Your outsourced B2B demand generation effort may be  focused on B2B lead generation and not closed deals.  This blog give you a simple B2B demand generation scorecard as a first step to give Sales and Marketing a shared quota.

As the first step to integrate and align sales and marketing we recommend that you create an agreement between sales and marketing that clearly defines the different stages of a lead and what makes a lead ready to be worked by sales.  As an outsourced B2B demand generation team we understand that to two organizations and even personalities within an organization will always agree what a sales qualified lead is so we recommend that this be done in writing.   As a second step we recommend that you craft a very simple scorecard so the team works together towards a single goal – Closed business. Once this is done the entire team will be focused on working as a “team” to move deals through your sales process.  Keeping the scorecard simple is essential.  As a B2B demand generation process consulting firm this is the best practice to frame that scorecard.

Touches to Interest – How many times do you need to attempt to reach them before they show interest.

Interest to Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) – Interest in your information.

MQL to Sales Accepted Lead – Does it make sense for a Sales Representative to work the deal

Sales Qualified Lead to Proposal – Once a lead is an SQL you need to set benchmarks for how many buyers move to accepting a Proposal or Price Quote

Proposal to Closed Deal – There is no grey area to sales or marketing what the shared quota is all about.

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