pencil and paper blogIn the past few years, digital marketing has become the centerpiece of many B2B sales strategies.  As a sales and marketing outsourcing company for B2B sales, we have found digital marketing to be quite effective for building brand awareness and generating leads.  One of the best ways to leverage digital marketing is with the use of a company blog.

Blogs in the B2B sales world can be used as a platform for publicizing information about new products or services, promotions, etc.  Informative or educational blogs can also be used to position yourself as an industry expert.  If you can demonstrate expertise to your readers, your product or service starts to look much more appealing.

Blogs are also a great way to add a human quality to your business’s digital presence.  In addition to information about new products or industry trends, you can use a blog to profile different employees or discuss a particular instance when your business solved a problem it was facing.  This will help give your company a human aspect that is often lost online.

The key to achieving success in terms of B2B digital marketing with a blog is to make sure it remains active.  This obviously takes more time, but constantly posting new and different information on your blog is well worth the effort.  If you are able to consistently give your readers something of value, they will continue to come back and hopefully they will eventually reach out to you in some way.

While blogs are not necessarily considered social media, some of them can be thought of as online communities.  There are many blogs that function as authorities in specific industries, which are often read by buyer’s who are looking for quality information in regards to making a purchase.  If you are able to convince the blogging authority to endorse you in some way, you will likely attract a lot of leads.

It may be difficult to convince someone to advertise your product or service for you, but it is possible.  Gaining the support of influential bloggers can be done by enticing him or her to write a review about you in exchange for a free product or service.  However even if you cannot achieve this, any positive mention of your company is a good thing.

If you still need convincing that blogging can be an effective marketing tool for B2B sales, or would like help creating a corporate blog of your own, please feel free to contact us.