Sales and Marketing Operations Outsourcing Case Study for Engineering

Selling To: Fortune 1000 and Privately Held  Manufacturers’ SVPs and VPs of Supply Chain, Operations, Head of Engineering and Energy Manager

Challenge: Management Consulting and Industrial Engineering Professional Services firm spun out of Fortune 250 Company and hit $4M in annual revenue within 18 months.   The principals were mired in a cycle where they would sell, service and then need to start pipe from scratch.  Over next 4 years they hired 3 enterprise reps with Rolodex’s and landed one additional deal outside their own network and remained flat at $4M.  Sales cycle for enterprise deals was over 360 days for initial engagement of $20K to $50K, deals then scale to $250K – $500K in year two and $1M plus in year three.  To inject new revenue stream with shorter sales cycle company acquired a smaller practice with entry level solution and sales for that product line also remained flat.


  • Sales Consulting and Inside Sales – Scripted,  created content and created an inside sales process for entry level solution.  Took inbound leads from existing telemarketing partner, qualified, engaged and closed.
  • Sales Consulting – Simultaneously worked with client to create a repeatable high velocity sales process, ideal customer profile and collateral for enterprise professional service engagement.
  • Lead Generation Outsourcing – Client migrated telemarketing to Gabriel Sales for enterprise deals as entry level product sales transitioned back to business unit.
  • Digital Content Production and Digital Sales Execution –  Cloned the sales process for Top Producers for enterprise deals with video,  webcasts, blog and success stories.
  • Outsourcing Inside Sales and Marketing Operations – Gabriel Sales took over all lead generation, database management, software implementation and management of  direct marketing efforts to target, engage, qualify and nurture enterprise prospects.
  • Outsourced Sales Staffing – Staff a blended team of lead gen rep, inside rep and senior enterprise sales rep to manage the logistics and close of deals.


  • First 180 days
    • 4 entry level new business clients closed from with inside reps eliminating prior sales process which required extensive travel and face to face meetings.
    • Put 6 enterprise deals in the sales pipe.
  • Second 360 days
    • 3 additional entry level
    • 8 enterprise deals closed
    • Internet Marketing Technologies scoped and implemented and blog launched
    • 4 enterprise deals moved to upsell
    • Sale collateral digitized in webcast, blog, video and customer testimonials
    • Nurturing database of 2000 plus decision makers created and marketing automation implemented.

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