Outsourced Sales and Marketing Case Studies

Since 2001, Gabriel Sales has provided multiple outsourced sales and marketing services for organizations with solution sales.  Our core focus is creating and augmenting high velocity sales machines to turn around stalled sales teams or increase market growth for new products and services. We make managing growth fast and easy.

Our ideal client is a founder or executive of a company/division, between $1M to $20M in revenue, who is accountable for producing revenue. Our typical client is committed to growth and looking for a team to help them turn around or launch a sales effort for at least 6 to 12 months. We specialize in B2B sales of technology, media and data analytics, professional services and managed services sales. Complex sales and solution sales don’t scare us.

Click on one of the case studies below for details. You can also view video testimonials from our clients here.

For more information or  to see if we are the right fit for you, please feel free to contact us.  You can also reach out for a free sales pipe velocity consultation to discuss your specific situation and needs.

Check our Case studies:

Inside Sales Outsourcing and Sales Consulting Case Study for Technology Sales