What is the Difference Between B2B Demand Generation vs. B2B Lead Generation?


As an outsourced B2B demand generation and sales outsourcing company we are frequently asked by customers what is the difference between demand generation vs. lead generation when the goal for both is to increase revenue and drive more sales for a company? There are many definitions so here is ours:

  • B2B Demand Generation is the integrated marketing and sales machine that gets sales qualified leads to the sales rep and then helps to close with sales content marketing. B2B demand generation’s job is done when the deal is closed.
  • B2B Lead Generation is the measurable output of the machine. B2B lead generation’s job is done once that lead is moved from a marketing qualified status to a sales qualified status.

As a sales outsourcing and B2B demand generation company, we have been fortunate enough to work with some tremendous innovators while building parts or all of their high velocity sales machines. Below are some of the best practices and tactics Gabriel Sales recommends and tips from some of the thought leaders we work with:

How To Max ROI

Top 10 Strategies to Maximize the Production and ROI for B2B Demand Generation

An effective and efficient B2B demand generation program can make the difference between winning and losing in today’s competitive market. This quick overview outlines all the parts of a successful B2B demand generation practice and how inbound lead generation, out bound sales efforts, marketing and sales team alignment and marketing automation can work in harmony to drive your deals from marketing qualified, to sales qualified to closed.

Here are our Top 11 (had to turn it up from 10 to 11) strategies refined from over 10 years of outsourced B2B demand generation and applied to the new rules of sales engagement to meet the challenges of the new social and digital age we now compete in.

What is Demand?

How to Create a B2B Demand Generation Engine that Maximizes your Sales and Marketing ROI

A quick 4 minute video overview of the new opportunities you have to create a B2B demand generation process that moves deals faster, saves your senior reps time and makes your sales marketing team more effective nurturing prospects to expand your pipe. This video discusses how to align your inside sales team and sales marketing team to sell to your buyer the way they want to buy to give your entire team a “sales quota”  for exponential growth at a decreased cost of sales and marketing .

Click here to view.

Learn how the right sales B2B demand generation outsourcing partner can integrate inside sales reps, B2B digital content, social media and technology to augment and increase the performance of your existing team to drive your sales, your inbound marketing and your sales pipe velocity.

Automate Now?

Can Marketing Automation Software Exponentially Increase your B2B Demand Generation Efforts?

5:00 minute video demo by Pardot that provides a quick overview of some of the major benefits of a marketing automation software.

View this quick demo and learn how sales reps can look at:

  • Leads and quickly prioritize those that are mostly likely to transact.
  • Mine your website traffic for cold call targets.
  • How advanced prospect level analytics give your marketing budget a “sales quota” across all touch points.
  • Track your prospects digital content consumption to make your closers smarter and infinitely more effective than the competition.
  • How you can nurture your non-sales ready leads at reduced time and expense.
A Faster Pipe

How to Integrate Inside Sales Team,  Demand Generation Marketing  and Digital Content

Successful B2B demand generation now requires you to align sales and marketing and to integrate inbound marketing and outbound sales efforts to get the most out of your sales and marketing budget. Winning is now about getting the right message, to the right prospect at the right time. We invite you to read:


B2B Demand Generation’s New Rules of Engagement

The rules of sales engagement have changed and so has B2B lead generation for three reasons; with the explosion of social media and digital platform, buyers now digest 11 pieces of content before transacting,  marketing automation software can give marketing a “sales quota” and marketing can now be driven by your sales team.  We invite you to learn about the simple framework and road map you can apply to increase the productivity of your demand generation solution.


Top B2B Demand Generation and How to Create Content that Closes

A series of three blogs that covers how to integrate  your inside sales team,  sales content marketing, your outside agencies and a sales outsourcing or outsourced demand generation to get the most from your B2B demand generation efforts. Click here to read the series.

Compare Tatics

Does B2B Demand Generation Outsourcing  and Sales Consulting Fit for Me?

No two B2B demand generation engines are the same.  Team skill sets are different. Markets and products are at different stages of maturity.  Some sales and marketing budgets are larger than others. And revenue targets, deal sizes, sales cycles and strategic goals and strategic targets vary.   Below are a couple examples of how company’s integrated B2B demand generation outsourcing, outsourced lead generation, sales team staffing and sales consulting have helped to ramp a B2B demand generation effort.

Social Media Analytics SaaS Sales and Demand Generation Outsourcing  – Company needed to build a repeatable process to generate leads and document sales metrics for new product to close Series B round.  Sales outsourcing drives 2M in annual run rate.

Fortune 500 Sales Demand Generation Outsourcing, Lead Scoring and Sales Qualifying –  Middleware Software and Hardware Solution needed to lead score and map demand generation sales process and turned to sales consulting and demand generation outsourcing to avoid disrupting existing sales team.

Smart Targeting

How to Improve B2B Demand Generation with Better Targeting

Smart targeting leads to better B2B demand generation.  Improve what you put into the pipe and you will improve what comes out and save time and money in the process with faster deal flow and higher revenue.  Smart targeting starts with Pareto’s Principal. This principal is also known as ‘the law of the vital few’, or the 80:20 rule, it states that 80% of your revenue is going to come from 20% of your customers.   These are the customers you want to go after.  However, targeting does not stop here.  You also need to consider who the right customers are for your business, long term.

Openness Wins?

Marketing Automation Partner Webcast –  Openness as a Competitive Advantage

Pardot COO, Adam Blitzer, discusses how openness with your content can be your best weapon against competitors in your B2B content and marketing automation strategy.  Topics discussed include:

  • Openness with pricing for SaaS and Tech Solutions
  • Leveraging your knowledge center
  • The value of a landing page engine
  • How to dominate SEO and PPC
  • How to leverage Twitter and LinkedIn.