marketing automation effectivenessWhen people talk about marketing automation, they often compare it to a magic diet pill that will solve all of your problems. As marketing automation experts, we know that marketing automation can truly revolutionize your sales and marketing efforts, but that does not mean that there is no work involved. There are several basic things you should do make sure you are getting the most ROI for your marketing automation platform. Here are three tips to increase efficiency and effectiveness:

1.  Explore options and configure tools.

A lot of companies don’t get the most out their marketing automation software because they do not understand all of its features and capabilities. By exploring all of your options, you will often find hidden gems (like ‘Prospect Audits and ‘System Emails’) that end up bring a huge amount of value. You can also increase the efficiency of your marketing automation platform by all configuring connectors, add-ons and social and search marketing settings that are relevant to you.

2.  Setup real time alerts and set calls to action in the subject line of notifications.

One of the most valuable aspects of a marketing automation solution is the notifications feature. You can set up your platform to alert you each time a certain action is taken (i.e. a prospect filling out a form) by sending you an email. It is a good idea to put a call to action in the subject line (“CALL NOW!”) of the email to help alert you to the level importance.

3.  Keep up with changes and training.

Just like the world of marketing, the world of marketing automation is constantly going through adaptations, upgrades and other changes. Because of this, it is a good idea to do weekly or monthly audits of your marketing automation platform of rules, dynamic segments and other automated tasks to make sure they are still necessary and are still actively working for your campaigns. You can also increase the efficiency of your marketing automation by improving the level of training of the people who use it. Most marketing automation companies have offer webinars, tutorials or training sessions to help marketers and sales people get the most out of the technology.

With regular audits, training and updates, the value of marketing automation can and should increase. To read more about marketing automation, click here. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.