BPO – Outsourced Sales and Marketing Case Study

Selling to Fortune 500 SVPs and Management and SMB owners.

Company is a mid-sized outsourced BPO services firm supporting specific financial services functions for the real estate industry with facilities in Manila and India.  Company and 20 year sales partner parted ways with Senior Executives retirement. Company needed to take over all account management responsibilities while simultaneously building its own direct sales process and infrastructure.

Company needed a complete sales and marketing solution. Executives had deep industry domain expertise and wanted to acquire sales and marketing strategy expertise and to avoid a 300K investment in enterprise reps with an outsourced sales and marketing solution first.


  • The universe of decision makers for the Company’s solution was less than 6,000 individuals across the United States
  • Company needed to be prepared to sell to both business owners of privately held companies and the Fortune 500
  • Company had no database, CRM and website was 5 years old.
  • Complexity of the sale and solution would require hiring 150K – 200K full comp reps and would take over a year to train.
  • Company had never attempted to develop leads beyond tradeshows and rolodex reps.
  • Typical sales cycle was 2-3 years from first contact.

Solution Year 1:

Sales and Marketing Strategy, Target Market Research, Content Strategy, Marketing Automation and Website Development, B2B Lead Gen Campaign, Outsourced Sales and Marketing Execution

  • Gabriel Sales implemented our agile sales acceleration workshop to develop a comprehensive integrated sales and marketing strategy.
  • Re‐developed website in order to engage key prospect and customer segments by leveraging Company’s deep, industry‐leading expertise and knowledge
  • Targeted entire market of decision makers with comprehensive outbound calling & email campaign and pay-per-click campaign.
  • Implemented Marketing Automation System and Digital Demand Center™
  • Planned and developed ongoing buyer education nurturing program with relevant and valuable content mapped to the buying process
  • Performance reporting: marketing and sales pipeline scorecard (Traffic to MQL to SAL to SQL to Revenue), calling, content engagement, and marketing programs performance management.

Results Year 1:

  • Targeted and made sure the entire market was aware of the company and their solution.
  • Developed a database of 3000 senior decision makers that have opted into the company’s ongoing monthly buyer education marketing to ensure company remains top of mind.
  • Developed 4 opportunities

Ongoing Solution

  • 1 three part new lead gen campaign twice annually
  • Annual sales and marketing strategy workshop
  • Staff blended outsourced marketing team to manage ongoing nurturing
  • Ongoing staffing of part time outsourced inside sales reps to monitor lead scoring engine to set appointments for company’s senior executives and account managers.

Results Ongoing

  • Less than 300 outbound calls per month are generating 4-6 appointment per month 50% of which are moving towards pilot projects
  • Company is able to close business with existing executives and account management reps