Services Comparison Matrix

Spark Ramp Ignite
Sales, Marketing and Technology Consulting
Initial List Management
Market Segmentation 1 3 Up to 5
Discovery Questions
Voice Mail Scripts
Probing and Qualifying Questions
Sales Story
Aligned Sales and Marketing Strategy
Content Audit and Content Strategy
Preliminary Sales Process Map
SEO/PPC Baseline and Reports
Pricing Model Testing
Marketing Services
Lead Generation and Awareness
Message Testing
Lead Nurturing
Lead Scoring
Marketing Asset Management and Digital Sales Content Production
Content Management System
First Touch Digital Content Production
Inbound Forms
Sales Qualifying Digital Content Recommendations
Sales Qualifying Digital Content Production
Sales Engagement Digital Content Production
Media Distribution
Lead Generation and Awareness
Account Profiling
Account Qualifying
Data Services Management
List Acquisition
Opt In Database Development
Data Integration and Merge and Purge*
List Enhancement*
Account Nurturing
Appointment Setting
Sales Qualifying Depends
Deal Engagement and Nurturing
Sale Closing Management Additional Additional
Sales Closing Additional Additional
Demand Technology Automation
Cold Calling Platform
Marketing Automation Implementation
Marketing Automation Management
Lead Scoring – Aggregated and Measured
Lead Scoring – Criteria and Scored
Establish Drips Yes
Cold Calling Platform Integration
Sales and Marketing Management
Marketing Coordinator
Technology Coordinator
Client Service Lead
Sales Coordinator
Executive Sponsor
Executive Oversight
Conversion Metrics Twice Monthly Weekly Weekly
Status Update Frequency Twice Monthly Weekly Weekly
Verbatim, Objections, Competitive Threats
Recorded Calls
Segmentation Analysis
SEO and Google Analytics