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by | Apr 20, 2018



Minno sells custom built tablets that rival iPads and Android devices in bulk.  This means they can custom build the hardware. When they build these tablets they are half the prices of an iPad or an Android Device.   The buyers will typically be technically sophisticated but may not know much about how to build a custom mobile device.

We are typically selling to:

  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • Product Managers
  • Head of Business Development
  • Owners of Companies

The buyers are then using the tablets:

  • To load their software apps on the tablets to share with customers
  • To use for their own mobile work force to make their jobs more effective
  • To use in hardware they manage as a second screen

Here are some links to thier typicaly buyer:



Professional and semi technical OK.  Should be educational and straightforward.  Not salesy at all.

Relevant Links

Here is some background on the company.  The type of education they do and some webcasts for additional background.



Our Approach to Building Value Props

Is the problem unworkable? Does your solution fix a broken business process where there are real, measureable consequences to inaction?

Is fixing the problem unavoidable? Is it driven by a mandate with implications associated with governance or regulatory control? For example, is it driven by a fundamental requirement for accounting or compliance?

Is the problem urgent? Is it one of the top three priorities? In selling to enterprises, you’ll find it hard to command the attention and resources to get a deal done if you fall below this line.

Is the problem underserved? Is there a conspicuous absence of valid solutions to the problem you’re looking to solve? Focus where there’s whitespace, not scorched earth.



Value Proposition 

Minno Tablet specializes in delivering reliable tablets optimized and customized for business use and mobile workforces.  In  most cases we can deliver these tablets at less than 50% the cost of a major manufacturer

What Makes Us Unique

Our production team works with you to  customize the tablet for specific business applications and uses and delivers the tablet pre-loaded and optimized for your specific applications
We help with hardware device management keeping them out in the population working
We can also add an enterprise logo on the device shell and boot-up screen, so you can profile your own brand or organization
All Minno Tablets does is direct to business tablets  so we have low overhead
Our founders have been doing business in China for over 25 years and we maintain a corporate office in Shenzhen China with Corporate Headquarters in Santa Barbara CA
We are a fully certified Microsoft and Android Partners
We are deep security experts
We test each tablet coming off the line
And we  fully guarantee our products with typically a   < 1% defective rate  and we’ll advance ship excess replacement inventory of 2%  to keep you in business



Overview Video


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