As an outsource sales and marketing company we speak to many small business owners that are struggling to increase the efficiency of their sale and marketing processes. It’s understandable that some small businesses that have been selling for years can be a little anxious with keeping up with modern sales and marketing operations and the advances in online business models and digital marketing. And according to a recent survey of 1200 buyers 85% of most organizations now prefer to make all are part of their purchase decision through digital channels.  But it’s important to note that 75% of those buyers will not make a purchase decision without engaging with a sales rep at the end of the buying process.

As an outsource sales and marketing company we help companies address these challenges by helping companies build digitally integrated sales and marketing sales/buyer processes.  When it comes to empowering companies with their outsource sales and marketing efforts we focus on four core digital areas:

Creating enough content to support the buyer journey and the outsource sales and marketing process

We help companies to create digital content that supports their sales process at each stage of the buying process.


We look at creating content for four different stages:

  • Creating content to share educational facts and information that helps them start to frame their problem and the challenges they will need to address
  • Content that helps buyers realize that we understand their problems
  • Content that frames how we help them to solve the problem
  • Finally content that discusses how the problem was solved and the business results you can gain from solving that problem

We provide our Outsource Sales and Marketing clients with the content management tools to make it easy for buyers to self-educate.

Once you have your content created it’s important that you make it easy for your buyers to access that content.  Getting your content on the web is only the first step.  In today’s digital media age you also need to make it easy for buyer to self-discover information about your solution easy and simple.  So we have created a simple to manage tool called Digital Demand Center™ that makes it easy to organize all 4 stages of your content on one microsite.



Organizing your content this way allows your buyer that is hungry for self education to go through all states of their buying process to solve one specific problem easy and simple.  It also gives buyers that prefer one format over another (video, blog articles or downloadable assets) to educate themselves the way they prefer.

Allow your outsource sales team to access that digital conversation


The final step in the process is leveraging a marketing automation platform to:

  • Track the buyers engagement with your content
  • Score buyers based on what content they are consuming (the later the buying stage the higher the score)
  • Notifying your outsource sales team when the buyer reaches a Sales Ready Lead Score

Embracing a digital workflow, scoring leads and sharing that information is not a replacement for sales – it’s a way to free up more of their time to focus on revenue-generating activities.

These digital tools are a way to boost the performance of your outsource sales team.

To learn about how Gabriel Sales can work with you to outsource sales and marketing please visit our outsource sales and marketing services page.