eMail is now preferred by 70% of buyers wanting to learn about new products or services so eMail marketing is now an important feature in our Outsourced Sales and Marketing Campaigns.

As part of this race to the In-Box, companies are now facing more complex challenges in the day to day processes delivering eMail effectively. And recently Google has built an “organizer” within your Gmail to determine which messages go where as a filter called “Promotions”.



Even the buyer you signed up to receive updates can now land in the “Promotion” tab.  And Google does this by examining the content of the email itself. As an outsourced sales and marketing company here are best practices we use. The one rule of thumb, as you check out the tips below, is that the more authentically educational and straightforward you are, the better your results will be.

The advantage and outsourced sales and marketing company provides, over a company doing this on their own, is that we see the results of many campaigns while SMBs may only see the results of two to six campaigns per month. We can help you with a cross pollination of best practices. So after reading this article if you feel like we can help please feel free to Contact Us.  And in case you missed our article on What to Avoid in Subject Lines we recommend you read that as well. Here are some tips:

Mention the Reader By Name

Address your recipient by their first name by always using the Merge Tag inside of your tool. This personalizes your story and makes buyer feel more connected. Every automation system has this feature.  It also dramatically increases the likelihood of deliverability.

Keep Your Links Down

The more links you have the more likely you will be filtered by Gmail and other spam filters. An email with a signature will already have at least one link. And your email will also have a second unsubscribe link. As a rule of thumb include no more than 1 to 2 additional links and offers in an email to keep those links down. We recommend 1 when possible but you need to weigh giving your buyers options vs. what will drive the quickest engagement.  Is it worth losing top of funnel engagement for deeper engagement.

Write in Traditional Letter Form

Keep your message simple and clean. While the occasional high budget and heavy HTML designed email still works, a simple email written in letter format makes the reader feel like you are writing directly to them. Your product and solution and the pain you solve are more important than being flashy. It also gets past Google more often.

Lose the Images

eMail does not work like Social Media. Get rid of images. Google and other spam filters often see images as a sign of a promotion or spam message. You will increase your volume of readers by not having pictures. The point of email is to drive traffic to content on your website (especially if you are using a lead scoring automation tool). This also includes those small 1K gifs of your logo in the footer.

Consider Mobile

Depending on who you are selling to, up to 60% of your email may be opened on a mobile phone. You need to consider this when thinking about the length of your email and offer. Know your audience and consider this when drafting your text and subject line.


How an Outsourced Sales and Marketing Company Can Help

As an outsourced sales and marketing company you can quickly gain the expertise, capability and capacity start leveraging eMail marketing as part of your outsourced sales and marketing campaign immediately using a blended team including:

  • Sale strategists
  • Systems integrators
  • Content producers
  • Marketing coordinators
  • Database marketers
  • Trained business development reps

What makes Gabriel Sales unique is that we can build a repeatable outsourced sales and marketing process as we also build a sales automation engine. When it makes sense, you can transition all or some of the parts of that engine in-house. To learn more, please check out our Sales Ready Leads Educational microsite.