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Professional Services Sales and Marketing Operations Case Study for Graphic Design and Photography Services

Selling To: Creative Directors, Art Directors, Art Buyers of large Advertising Agencies and the Fortune 1000

Challenge: San Francisco based photographers and graphic design shops were struggling to develop new business opportunities. Industry was moving towards digital and Industry wide consolidation took place in advertising agencies as major buyers were being consolidated in Manhattan so the old representation model was dying.


  1. Sales Process Consulting-Gabriel Sales works with photographers/designers to narrow their focus and identify specific Ideal Customer Profiles to match their solutions to specific decision makers
  2. Sales Consulting-Gabriel Sales telemarketer targeted 300-500 accounts for awareness per creative.  Gabriel Sales implemented a sales management infrastructure and ongoing monthly sales strategy
  3. Outsourcing Sales-Gabriel Systems managed specific DM campaigns, telemarketing efforts and inside sales efforts to methodically, systematically target decision makers at key intervals
  4. Full-Time Sales and Marketing Operations-Gabriel Sales Senior Executives led team sales and integrated marketing efforts and managed initial deals through first engagement.


  • Gabriel Sales directly increased photographers business on average of 20% in year 1 and an additional 20 % in year 2, maximizing capacity
  • Gabriel Sales generally established at least one multi-year relationship for each creative engaged.
  • Beyond engagement, photographers realized an increase in sales from the managed branding and awareness efforts of telemarketing and Direct Marketing efforts for a minimum of three years post termination of engagement

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