pencil and paper blogIn a previous blog, we discussed 12 reasons why using an outsourced sales company for corporate blogging in B2B sales is effective.  In this blog, we will outline exactly how to craft those blogs to make sure they are effective at every step of the sales cycle.  While there are many different ways to purpose a blog, writing for reach and for acquisition are two of the most important.

Blogging for Reach

Creating an outsourced sales blog can be a great way to attract new potential customers.  The best way to do this is to provide your potential customer with something informative and useful. Make sure it is something they would actually like to read, not a notice about moving offices.  The key to blogging to reach new customers is to keep it general and related to your industry overall.

Your blogs posts should seek to strike a balance between opinion, advice and news.  Posts about specific products or services are good, but are not likely to catch the attention you are looking for.  By offering your readers your opinion about what is happening in the industry, you are able to get your name out there and position yourself as an expert at the same time.

Blogging for Acquisition

Blogs can also be extremely effective in turning those potential customers into actual leads.  In today’s market, the decision makers for B2B sales are going online to do their research.  This means you have an opportunity to put the information they need right in front of them.

Rather than the general industry related blogs you wrote for reach, blogs for acquisition should be more specifically about your company.  Here is your chance to discuss your products and services and why you think they can solve business problems.  This is also a great place to answer frequently asked questions and display your success through case studies.

Blogging for acquisition should also include posts that familiarize your reader with who you are.  You can do this by writing posts about key staff members or even have staff write blogs themselves.  There is also no harm in writing up blurbs about any awards you have won.  This adds a more personal aspect to your blogs, which makes you look more human and therefore easier to work with.

The goal to using an outsourced sales blog for acquisition is giving your potential customers information they are looking for.  Help them to understand who you are as a company and how you help your customers succeed. If you give your reader all of the information they need to make a decision, you are one step closer to closing.