This is the final part of a four-part Blog series discussing the six “types” or buyer personas of B2B buyers that occupy the digital space.  We also offer some practical tips on how to adapt your sales and marketing strategies to make it easier for your buyer.

The third part of this series discussed the buyer personas of the Mystery Man and The Eager Beaver. This blog dives into the Worrywart and the Know-it-all.

GS worrywartThe Worrywart

So far, we have talked about the newfound power the B2B has to control the sales process.  While this new sense of power gives buyers more confidence they are making the most informed decision they can, there are still those that worry constantly about doing the right thing.  And despite the internet’s infinite facts and figures, a web page will never look into your eyes and assure you that you are making the best choice possible. That is what you need to do to sell to the worrywart.

To sell to the worrywart, you need to showcase your humanity.  Have pictures and brief bios of your executive staff on your website.  Post videos that feature your CEO or top salesmen displaying their industry expertise. The worrywart hates pushy salesmen, so when talking to him, try to show and much transparency and authenticity as possible. Give him the facts and numbers without the sales-y language, and you will give him confidence you aren’t trying to ‘pull a fast one’ on him. Anything you can do to build a personal and honest relationship with the worrywart will help alleviate his fears and give him a reason to trust you.

GS know it allThe Know-It-All

Our last buyer persona is the know-it-all. The know-it-all is a lot like the device queen, only smarter. When she’s looking to make a purchase, she pours over industry reports, white papers and expert reviews. Like the eager beaver, she wants to go through the buying process on her own and only interact with you when it is absolutely imperative. She wants to feel that she reaches any decision she makes on her own—without the persuasion of smooth-talking salesmen.

The trick with selling to the know-it-all is to get out of her way until she comes to you. Let her go through all of your content on her own, but make sure she knows she can call you with any questions.  Despite her excellent research skills, there may be something about your service options or value proposition that she is unclear on. This is your salesmen’s chance to demonstrate intelligence and expertise, two things the know-it-all values greatly.

To prepare to sell to her, have your salesmen come up with a list of the most common questions or objections you hear, draft answers and practice them so you can deliver them quickly and confidently.  If she asks one of your junior salesmen a question, and he can’t come up with an answer right away, you will never hear from her again. On the other hand, if you are able to convince your know-it-all you are as sharp as she is, she will be convinced she can trust you and will likely give you her business.

So there they are, the six types of B2B buyers or buyer personas you encounter today. While we presented them here as distinct personality types, it is important to remember that your B2B buyer is likely a combination of two or more of these types, so you need to try to sell to all of them simultaneously.

By changing your sales strategy to meet the new demands of post-internet buyers, you can make your prospects feel like you understand them on a personal level. Despite the many changes the internet brought, the bedrock of selling will always be personal relationships, so anything you do to help personalize your sales process is going to help you win.

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