The best approaches for digital b2b marketing

A great deal of the clients Gabriel Sales works with as an integrated outsourced sales and marketing company are smaller businesses without a highly recognizable brand.  However, when the brand is recognized in the market (at least for most of our clients), that brand is associated with quality, professionalism and, in most cases, a premium or mid premium service.    This blog talks about how Gabriel Sales uses email marketing to increase B2b lead volume (to maximize budget because cold calling while effective has gotten much more expensive check out Cold Calling is Not Dead but You Need To Be Smarter!)  while not disrupting the delicate dance between increased volume and brand reputation and positioning.

Here is a list of Best Practices for B2B E-Mail Marketing from Gabriel Sales:

Make Sure Your Email Offer has the Best Interest of Your Customer/Buyer in Mind

Provide some content that has some genuine educational value for your buyer.  We have the most success with content that can help the buyer do their job better whether they choose to work with you or not.  Your chief aim needs to be helping your customer define their problem.  The win for you is that at the same time you are simultaneously establishing your credentials as a thought leader to help them.

Make Sure Your Email Gives Your Customer Educational Value Quickly

Help the customer to quickly compare your solution to other solutions in the market. So they can quickly to evaluate their alternatives.

Make Sure Your Graphics (if you use them at all) are Relevant

Use your logo to support the brand.  Don’t use additional graphics unless they are totally specific to the offer and educational in nature.  So for example:

  • Video Screen shot that gives them a sense of the video.
  • Use recognizable logos like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn so they are clear on the platform you are suggestin
  • Photo of Presenter if its Webcast (Makes it Human)

Keep it Conversational

Don’t use sales language.   Don’t talk about ‘our’ company, ‘us’.  Talk about your customer’s needs.

Keep it Simple

Get to the point quickly and directly.

Keep it Uncluttered

A case can be made that it may make sense to give someone multiple offers in one email so if the first offer is not of interest there is a secondary offer or even a tertiary offer your recipient can click through.   We just don’t typically approach the market this way.   We come from the school of thought that one offer is typically enough:

  • Buyers are smart and can quickly evaluate if you can help them do their job more effectively with your specific area of thought leadership
  • If you lead with educational thought leadership it shows respect for their interests and needs
  • If you keep it short, simple and uncluttered it shows respect for their time
  • If you keep the tone of the message conversational even if this is not the right conversation, they will remain open to future conversations and not consider your message and foray into electronic conversation as invasive but helpful

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