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Make Every Lead Count! Turnkey Trade Show Support Marketing Packages

90% of trade show attendees are looking for new solutions, and 87% of those attendees purchase a new solution within 6 months of the event. But 60% of companies do nothing to fill the booth, and they never follow-up with 85% of their leads. Through these marketing packages, we help you maximize your investment with the incremental:

  • Capacity to generate booth traffic
  • Capacity to follow up with leads
  • All the tools to control costs and increase ROI

Watch our educational video to learn more about our marketing packages or visit our educational resources and case studies below. Also, feel free to check out our recent blog post here.

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[accordion] [item title=”Drive More Booth Traffic with Turnkey Sales Outsourcing” icon=”” no_indents=”0″ open=”1″ bg_color=”” text_color=””] tradeshow-graphic-blog-2According to data from the CMO Council, Fortune 2000 and large companies are much more effective in how they allocate resources and approach trade show lead generation.

Large and enterprise companies expect a 4:1 return on their trade show investment and typically spend as much as 17% of their annual lead gen budget on trade show and event marketing. The first step in a successful trade show lead gen campaign, is to drive traffic to your booth prior to the event and during the event. Learn how to create and manage a smarter approach with, automation systems, temporary callers, lead scoring and email marketing to help you achieve the same results.  Read More [/item] [item title=”Generate More Sales Opportunities with Outsourced Sales Support” icon=”” no_indents=”0″ open=”0″ bg_color=”” text_color=””] tradeshow-graphic-blogIn this age of marketing automation, with content marketing and increasing competition, simply showing up at a trade show and then blasting every lead with the same, tired email message instantly upon your return from the show no longer works (and dialing every lead is simply too cost prohibitive). If you execute your trade show strategy correctly, you can ensure the following marketing packages :

  • You never miss a hot lead
  • You don’t let warm leads slip away
  • Everyone knows who you are and how you can help
  • You maximize your ROI for the remainder of the year

In this article we focus on how to maximize your post-show follow-up to make every lead count!  Read more

[/item] [item title=”Download Trade show Marketing Whitepaper” icon=”” no_indents=”0″ open=”0″ bg_color=”” text_color=””] tradeshow-whitepaper-graphic1Enterprise companies expect a 4:1 return on their trade show because 92% of trade show attendees say they are looking for new products. But 70% of SMBs exhibiting at trade shows don’t have any trade show lead gen strategy. As a result, 80% of leads that are generated during a show are ignored after the show.

Download this educational white paper to learn how to:

  • Drive more booth traffic
  • Identify immediate sale opportunities
  • Score leads to prioritize and automate follow up


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[/item] [item title=”Tradeshow Support Package Case Studies” icon=”” no_indents=”0″ open=”0″ bg_color=”” text_color=””] magnify-3We invite you to visit two concrete examples of what a Tradeshow Package Produces:

Case Study #1 –  SMB technology and service provider with no booth increases their sales pipeline by $760K

Case Study #2 – Mid-sized technology start up builds awareness, generates new database of over 6000 early stage leads and sets over 2 dozen demos after the show. [/item] [/accordion]