B2B VideoOne of the best things about the internet today is its ability to support a variety of mediums for the spread of information.  The internet is not only filled with plain text, but also has film and sound.  Presenting your message in an auditory or visual format can help your B2B online marketing efforts reach more people in a more entertaining way through Interactive Marketing.

One way you can present your message using sound is with the use of a podcast.  A podcast is a short audio broadcast that you can stream or download (from your website or a third-party provider), comparable to an online radio show.  You can use podcasts to spread the word about your company and its products and/or services.

Video marketing is pretty self-explanatory; you present your message through an online video.  Despite how it may appear, YouTube is not just for videos with cuddly kittens.  Your B2B company can sign up for a YouTube channel, and you can use it to keep your viewers updated on industry-related trends or present a how-to or demo video about one of your products or services.  Many B2B companies have yet to catch on to the value of video marketing, so this is one place where you may be able to gain advantage over your competition.

Another way B2B companies can use audio and video in their digital interactive marketing strategy is a webinar.  A webinar is what it sounds like, a seminar that takes place on the web.  For B2B companies, webinars can be used a sales conference or online meeting, which can be effective for building brand awareness, educating new prospects and improving demand generation.

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