myth versus realityIn our work as a B2B outsourced marketing and sales company, we have found that many people have a misunderstanding of what sales and marketing outsourcing companies do. This blog explains these misconceptions and details how an outsourcing company uses their services to solve business problems and drive sales growth for their clients.

At Gabriel Sales, we understand that many businesses are just now beginning to look into the possibility of outsourcing marketing and sales.  Most B2B businesses have no prior experience working with an outsourcing company, they therefore may be confused or apprehensive about hiring one.

To help clear up some of this confusion, here are the five myths or misconceptions about sales and marketing outsourcing that we see the most:

1.    “If I outsource, I will lose control of my sales process.”

While it may feel as though you are handing the keys to your Corvette convertible over to a complete stranger, this does not mean you have to lose control over your sales process.  It is no doubt unnerving to hand the reigns over to someone else, but we have found that open communication between both partners can alleviate this tension.  At Gabriel Sales, we keep our clients informed of all of our activities and progress at all times and during all situations.

2.    “Hiring a full-time sales rep will not do anything for me.”

We understand many businesses do not want to staff a sales rep full-time, but our experience shows us this seldom works in the long-term. Usually, a company will start with a part-time rep, but soon needs to scale to full-time. A sales and marketing outsourcing company can help you to determine what the most effective balance is for you in this regard and help you to implement it. Gabriel Sales offers temporary, part-time, and full-time options for lead generation and inside sales.

3.    “I don’t need outsourcing because I already have a sales team.”

Just because you have a sales team in place already does not mean you cannot benefit from sales outsourcing.  Many of our clients already have internal sales teams of their own.  It is our job as an outsourcing company to improve on what you have.  We can act as an extension of your current sales team, and if we do employ a sales rep, it is usually exclusively for setting sales appointments, sales qualifying or B2B lead generation. We have also been taken on primarily to aid in the launch of a new product.  There are a variety sales services an outsourcing sales company can provide to an existing sales team; to see more of them, check out our services page.

4.    “My recruiting process cannot be improved.”

If you are now considering outsourcing your sales and marketing, that is a good indication your current process needs improvement.  An outsourced sales company can certainly help if you do not have years upon years of experience attaining salespeople who can execute at a high level. Hiring an outsourcing company allows you to take advantage of the vast sales expertise experienced sales personnel provide to them and therefore saves you the time and money usually put into the recruiting process.

5.    “Hiring an outsourcing company builds the outsourcer’s brand, not mine.”

Once you have hired an outsourcing company, their job should always be to sell you and not themselves. At Gabriel Sales, we perpetually put the client first and train our sales reps to act as your employees during all business calls and interactions.  We define our success in terms of your success.

We hope this blog helps to clear up any confusion you may have regarding sales and marketing outsourcing companies.  If you have further questions or concerns, or would simply like to know more about B2B sales outsourcing, please feel free to contact us.