This is part 2 of a blog series about the value of selling with B to B sales content.

Some of the Wins for the Seller

  • Digital Content gives the seller the ability to take that initial introductory pitch (that we give over and over again to see if we are even the “right fit”) and to automate it.  This allows our lead gen reps to spend more time prospecting.  In the time it takes to plan and execute that first presentation they could have reached out to 6-12 new potential customers.
  • When we get an Engineer, Product Specialist and/or Senior Executive to participate it allows us to introduce the team on our side that will eventually be helping to service the client once they become a customer.  We introduce our team upfront without needing to involve them in dozens if not hundreds of calls.
  • We can track a pitch once it is digital to gauge interest and judge where the prospect is in the buying cycle. We can track the amount of time the prospect spends engaged with the content.  We can see if the prospect shares the content.
  • We can design the content for both the technical buyer and the business buyer.
  • We demonstrate respect for the buyer’s time (and start the process of building trust) without investing a great deal of our time.
  • We get to that first “yes” or “no” much faster. It the digital pitch is not moving we should probably not be investing time into that sale yet.
  • We demonstrate upfront that purchasing from us will be easy and a process that they can control.