We believe successful lead generation programs come second to pipeline development.

lead-generation-programsFor B2B companies, the search for new sales leads seems to be an endless task. As a B2B sales and marketing outsourcing company, we believe many companies have difficulty with this because they try to approach their lead generation programs by starting with lead generation.

As a metaphor, think of your sales process like a roadmap. There is an obvious destination in mind (closing), and you have to follow a clearly defined path to get there (discovery, education, verification, consideration of alternatives). The path is your sales pipeline. You need to do the groundwork laying pavement and putting up street signs, so when someone crosses your path, they won’t get lost or change directions.

Using this metaphor, if you try to generate leads without first developing your pipe, you are essentially throwing your prospects out into the middle of the desert and telling them to find their own way. The flaw in this strategy should be obvious.

By taking the time to develop your pipeline, you make the entire buying process easy for your prospects, which will help you earn their trust.

To develop your sales pipe, you need to clone your sales process by developing digital marketing content that helps guide your prospects through their buying process. This means creating content that demonstrates your status as an industry thought-leader to help build credibility. It also means creating marketing content to address any objections that commonly come up during the sales process—allowing your prospects to educate themselves digitally.

With your pipeline in place, you lead generation programs are dramatically simplified. Your prospects can now see the path you wish them to take clearly laid out tin front of them and are appreciative of your help along the way.

Summary: By developing your pipeline, you pave the way for your prospects to become leads.

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