Calendar - Vacation Day CircledA lot of B2B sales companies and sales people look at weeks that have any form of a holiday where people are going to be out of the office as a really big negative. Salesmen think, “People aren’t in the office; no is doing any business,” and they will approach their calling with a somewhat negative mindset.

We believe that if you shift your perspective, you can learn to see holiday weeks as a good thing and use them to your advantage. We look at holiday weeks and say yes, there are definitely going to be people out of the office; but what that really means is there are less meetings happening, people are at their desk more often and are more easily reached by phone.

To use those weeks to your advantage, set yourself up to offer a webcast, webinar or something else that people could attend during time when things are moving slower (as compared to a week where there are tons of meetings and deadlines and all kinds of quotas to meet). Many sales teams are often encouraged to go out and look for new strategies, read books and do research to find out what is going on in the industry and what could improve their sales margins. If your webinar invite is in their inbox, your content might be what fills the lull in their day.

In summary, taking advantage of those weeks where people are out of the office is a good thing. We have seen that during these weeks the numbers go down as far as people that you reach, but the people that you do reach will be more open to conversation.

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