At Gabriel Sales, we have over 12 years of experience helping B2B companies drive sales results and meet their business goals.  Over the years, we have come to understand when and how a prospect likes to be pitched to. This blog outlines the option of digitizing your first pitch to save you time and money.

We have all been there.   That first presentation you give a potential customer can be done in your sleep.  Even worse after a month or two the sales rep (or the executive) can get so bored with it they start diverting slightly and it becomes less effective or even worse it starts to sound rote to the prospect.

One significant opportunity we have seen emerge over the past several years to increase our pipe velocity is the ability to take that first presentation digital.  With the tools now at our disposal we can do that without completely losing the customization required for the technical buyer and the business buyer.  And even more powerful, once we have the sales conversation mapped and we understand the first level of objections we can take that first sales presentation, script it for the product specialist and/or even a senior executive.  Prospects love this because this first experience is with the team that will be serving them.  All these in combination create wins for everyone across the board.

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