Why Our Partners Win

11 Reasons Why Our Partners Win

  • Focus on Sales

    We know the world of sales is quickly changing and that many startups and enterprise businesses struggle to keep up with these changes in order to retain or build relevance with their customers. Gabriel Sales fuses change and stability into one strategy to deliver a consistent and reliable Marketing Qualified Lead to Sales Qualified Lead conversion.

  • Performance-based Philosophy

    Gabriel Sales programs are designed to exceed your expectations. We continually monitor the performance of each program and make modifications as necessary to achieve the best ROI possible.

  • Business Intelligence

    Through Gabriel Sales’ robust and proprietary process for gleaning business intelligence, our customers can make more informed sales and sales marketing decisions. Our feedback loop can help develop and guide channel-specific product messaging to help shorten the sales cycle and forecast new business.

  • Strategic Sales and Marketing Experience

    Gabriel Sales founder, Glen Springer, has a long pedigree of launching multiple successful and profitable companies. With his strategic management team at Gabriel Sales, Glen has been able to drive more than 150M in wealth for the founders we have worked with and over a 10X return for their investors.

  • Advanced Tools and Process

    Our processes and tools monitor each step of the sales and marketing process, allowing us to create a comprehensive closed-loop communication strategy to support sales objectives. With this process, when mistakes are made they are made early, giving our clients the opportunity to quickly correct while still delivering a strong ROI.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

    At Gabriel Sales, we offer our clients a collaborative and flexible go-to-market sales and marketing program that aligns with their corporate objectives. This allows our clients to conduct market due diligence programs and launch new campaigns with little or no risk. Because our processes are all scalable, we can easily create a seamless virtual sales organization, resulting in a substantial savings in head count for our clients.

  • Measurement Beyond the Buzz

    Whether our clients are auditing their products or services, launching a new business or executing a “wake the dead” campaign, they all rely on Gabriel Sales to deliver comprehensive and honest reports on how their product sits within the market. These reports help our clients to address.

  • Relevant Content

    Gabriel Sales can quickly identify key end-user objectives and swiftly create targeted communication based on qualitative and quantitative research. This process helps drive sales performance and shortens the sales cycle because we are able to deliver relevant messages when, where, and how end users want to receive their information.

  • Inbound Integration

    As the rules of engagement change, Gabriel Sales leaps ahead using a completely closed-loop communication sales and marketing process that is unique from competitors in our field. We are able to capture back-end data and end-user intelligence that is quickly fed directly into inbound media tools that are designed to help build fresh new leads.

  • Integrated Campaigns

    Seasoned sales and marketing professionals realize that the best ROI comes from an integrated campaign. Gabriel Sales offers every client the best ROI opportunity possible by building and supporting campaigns that map back into rich media, the blogosphere, video, social media, SEO, SMO, and events. The result is a funnel that continues to build and capture lead opportunities.

  • Channel Focus

    Gabriel Sales does not strive to be a “one-stop-shop.” Our focus is on business-to-business sales and marketing. Having a clear directive allows us to perfect our-go-to market skills within the small, midmarket and enterprise space, as well as their respective channels. The result of this strategy is that we provide our client base the best of breed when it comes to engaging the proper channel to support their programs and achieving their business objectives.