When many small businesses are ready to expand sales beyond the founders growing the business or a startup company’s product is ready to go to market, they often decide outsourced sales team is worth exploring.

This is primarily because the founders or business owners don’t have the time, experience, or expertise to recruit, hire, train, or manage the sales and marketing talent required for success in today’s buyer driven landscape. Many companies are now surprised by what an outsourced team sales and marketing team can now provide to increase sales. Below is a quick overview of the talent gaps an outsourced sales team and marketing company can cover to get you to market quickly.

outsourced sales team

An outsourced sales team will include both sales talent and the staff required to support that talent, and will include:

A sales and marketing account coordinator – This person will be responsible for all the project management and reporting on your account. This includes all sales and marketing efforts and most importantly, transitioning all leads to your outsourced sales team reps or your internal closers.

Depending on your needs, your outsourced sales team may include cold callers to generate leads, business development reps to manage the early stage education of your buyer, sales qualifiers to set appointments and to execute light discovery, and finally you may have closers responsible for managing the close of the sale. How your team is staffed will depend on the size of the market you are targeting and the volume of revenue you need to generate. This will also determine if you have a fully dedicated outsourced sales team or if you can be more effective with a blended team of part time resources.

Your outsourced sales team should also have a part-time automation expert and part-time database marketer staffed to manage the execution of your drip campaigns, and to ensure that your database is leveraged effectively and kept clean.

You should also expect to have a content production specialist assigned to your account if you do not have a content production specialist on your team. Content and content management is now critical to your outsourced sales team’s success.

Finally, you will gain access to a senior executive and strategist. This resource will be a peer that can help you to steward your sales strategy and your marketing strategy and will ultimately be accountable for your overall success.

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