The Close – Some Common Sense Using Webster’s New Universal Unabridged

What does “Always Be Closing” mean stage by stage when Sales and Marketing are Aligned? Earn the right to close the deal with the intention of your pitch and the flavor of your content.

Close –  v.  1.  To  unite; to coalesce; to come together.

Step 1

  • First Need of your Prospect – Aware(ness)  – a.  1. watchful; vigilant guarded.  2. knowing;  cognizant;  informed.
  • First thing you need to do is to Educate – v. 1. to give knowledge or training; train or develop the knowledge of, skill or mind. 2. to form or develops one’s taste.

Step 2

  • Now that you have your prospect in the right state of  – Consideration n- 1. the act of considering; careful thought or attention; deliberation.
  • Your job is now to Convince – v. 1. to persuade or satisfy by evidence or argument; to overcome the doubts of; to cause to feel certain.

Step 3

  • Take care of Step 1 and 2 and your future customer will have a – Preference – 1. a greater liking. 2. the right, power or opportunity of prior claim. 3. something preferred, once first choice.  4. a priority or advantage.
  • Don’t stop until you are done.  To win requires  that you continue to –  Verify – v. 1. to prove to be true by demonstration, evidence or testimony; to confirm or establish the truth of.

If you cover all the bases and it’s a win for the client and a win for you we are back to – Close – a- 1. shut fast; tight; made fast. 2. having part firmly united.