b2b content marketingLanding page design is all the rage for B2B demand generation tactics in 2013.  However, having glitzy graphics or a colorful layout will only get you so far.  What we have seen in our work as a B2B demand generation and sales and marketing outsourcing company is that the content of the page is much more important than what it looks like.

This blog gives some simple tips on how to craft persuasive and successful landing pages.  If this content is a little too basic for your needs we invite you to check out our B2B Demand Generation Blog Topic area or our B2B Demand Generation Knowledge Center.

Five tips for creating landing pages for B2B demand generation:

  • One landing page is NOT enough—each product, service or campaign you have should have a landing page to match.  Marketing automation tools like Pardot can simplify this process.
  • Match the content to the keywords—the landing page should be directly related to the link your prospect clicked on to get there.  Do not make your customers search for what they want.
  • Make your goal obvious—decide what you want your potential customer to do on each landing page, and then make it easy for them to do so.  The goal should almost always be B2B demand generation of sales qualified leads.
  • Keep it simple and transparent—do not overwhelm your visitor with a lot of different options or complex language.  For example, say something like, “If you fill out this form, then we will send you a white paper about a specific topic.”
  • Use keywords for SEO—for search optimization, you cannot overuse keywords (the keyword for this page is B2B demand generation).  Using the right keywords in the right places will result in an SEO lift for your entire site.

For more information on building effective landing pages or B2B demand generation tactics, please visit our blog titled “The Importance of Landing Pages” or contact Gabriel Sales directly.  For a quick overview of how Gabriel Sales creates and integrated inbound and outbound machine CLICK HERE to view our How To Build a B2B demand generation engine.  To schedule an appointment for a free pipeline velocity review from Gabriel Sales, please click here.