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Gabriel Sales helped us produce an enormous amount of content that greatly enhanced our marketing and sales materials, updated our website, and improved our SEO. We were able to fill our sales pipe with the demand generated through the content so well, we had to enlist Gabriel Sales with the heavy sales flow to our executives because we couldn’t handle it ourselves.

Tony Leto

CEO, iTrac Global

“Gabriel Sales helped fill the pipe, develop opportunities and close deals for us. A lot of deals.”

Vinay Mishra

Founder & COO, Marketics

We Have Been Helping Start Ups and SMBs Since 1999

Unlike any other marketing firm I spoke with, Gabriel Sales more focused on the results and the sales efforts while still having the marketing skills, capabilities and go-to-market strategies for the marketing efforts we needed. It was a great fit and a homerun for us!

Geoffrey Tetrault

CEO & Founder, eSeniorLife

Gabriel Sales was able to conceptualize and understand our company, our strengths and strategies, and our benefits and the way we operated and move them into our automation platform, showing the customer exactly who we were and what we did.

Mary Larson

VP, Marketing, Source1 Purchasing

Gabriel Sales helped us identify and develop our sales process and create a strategy around it to deliver us well-vetted leads. They also developed a rock-solid ROI business case for our customers, so we could clearly show them how we could help their business. Gabriel sales outsourced sales and marketing saves us time!

Calvin Wohlert

Owner & GM, Solution Dynamics

Our big question was, “Where would we get the content?” We were shocked, we didn’t realize how much content we were sitting on. They helped us draw out and produce a great deal of professional content. We immediately improved our ability to target new markets, lift SEO and develop leads with entry level sales reps.

Dan Beall

Partner, The Strategy House (Healthcare Consulting)

We Have A 15-Year Track Record Accelerating Sales & Increased Business Valuation

Gabriel Sales helped fill the pipe, develop opportunities and close deals for us. A lot of deals. We were happy with just that. But they are also not short sighted and understood we were also going for a client mix that would increase our multiples and they supported that effort. They are a partner you can trust.

Vinay Mishra

Founder & COO, Marketics (Data Analytics)

When the down turn hit it took us by surprise. I had to justify my position and all my investments to the board and Gabriel Sales saved me a tremendous amount of time because everything they did was metric driven. It made it easy for us to remain profitable, but more, their feedback systems help shape the products and strategy of the company.

James Miller

EVP, Sales, VNU Global Media

Gabriel Sales helped us look at our business from the sales perspective and realize the value we give our customers. They were able to draw out market espertise and viability we didn’t know existed. Gabriel Sales took care of the sales and marketing aspects of our business, so we could focus on doing our jobs much better.

Dan Beall & Robert Limyansky

The Strategy House (Healthcare Consulting)


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