You know that you need to increase your sales pipeline and sell more of your product and solutions but you don’t have the time, resource or the bandwidth to do it.  And you can’t justify the six figures in headcount to staff multiple marketers and sales reps or even one experienced  enterprise rep to get the job done.  When this happens you will start to wonder if “I should think about an outsource sales solution.”

Many companies then think it’s an all or nothing decision.  And they are surprised to learn that they can use an outsource sales solution for these different stages of the sales function.

  • Identifying and target buyers to generate leads
  • Developing those buyers and educating them about those solutions
  • Qualifying the buyer
  • Closing the buyer

What we discover when we are talking to many small businesses is that their real hurdle is not closing buyers.  Their challenge is the capacity and the talent to take care of the daily blocking and tackling to generate leads and turn them into sales qualified leads.  They are also surprised to learn that they can outsource sales and outsource marketing to accomplish these goals.

If all a business really needs is more sales qualified leads then there are three reason an outsource sales solution could be a powerful option for them.

Outsource Sales to Save Money

Expense is often the initial reason businesses consider sales outsourcing over hiring. In 2017 the average compensation package for even one mid-level sales rep was $8k – $10k per month and that rep will need the support of a marketing team to support their efforts.  In many cases you can get an outsource sales rep and a blended marketing team to support them and the sales automation tools you need for about the same price.  The question to be answered in this approach is will a team produce more for you than just one rep.  If your sales requires digital education of the buyer and the ability to generate leads beyond just cold calling the answer is probably yes – so an outsource sales solution will probably be more cost effective in both the short term and long term.

You Outsource Sales to Focus on Core Functions

There are three core functions in any business. Generating awareness, winning clients and adding value to those customers’ lives or business with your product or solution.

If you do not have the bandwidth to do all three you need to make a decision.  And in most cases the smart decision is for you to focus on your own product innovations and servicing and scaling your accounts.   You can use an outsource sales and marketing team to immediately give you the access to the sales and marketing capacity you need to build awareness and fill your sales funnel.

Outsource Sales to Gain Access to Specialized Skills

If you have not kept up seismic changes in sales and marketing over the past several years which include:

  • Content marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound marketing

then an outsource sales solution will give you this expertise you need across multiple skill sets.  These skills sets can be a combination of blended execution teams and strategists so you immediately get the sales and marketing tactics you need, deployed at the right time with the right budget.

Gabriel Sales specializes in helping companies cover gaps in their existing sales and marketing process. To learn more about Gabriel Sales’ approach to outsource sales we invite you to visit our outsource sales approach page.