Summary of 4 Benefits of Marketing Automation for Sales Outsourcing Reps

The goal of any sales outsourcing engagement for Gabriel Sales it to put a consistent flow of real sales opportunities into the sales pipeline of the companies we work with. Our aim is to do this at a lower cost. As we help our clients build a modern and repeatable sales and marketing process an automation technology is now a requirement for 4 specific benefits that are directly related to the productivity of your sales outsourcing team:

  • Email Automation
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Intelligence
  • Real Time Lead Alerts

Here’s a brief explanation of how each of these features will help your sales outsourcing team:

Lead Scoring and your Sales Outsourcing Team

There are two main ways to qualify leads using an marketing automation technology: using implicit behaviors and activities and explicit data and demographics.

Automation technologies allow you to rank a leads level of interest based on the content they are consuming on your website. Different types of content are scored based on how predictive they are as it relates to where a buyer is in their sales cycle.  Basic educational content is not as highly scored as video demos relating to a specific solution.  You can also score by what emails buyers are engaging with and how frequently they are engaging.

We also use explicit data to score leads.  This is typically demographic data.  A CEO gets a higher score than IT managers.  A company with 1000 employees gets a different score than a company with 50 employees. You can also change grades up and down based on industry, revenue size and other factors.  This is grading prospects against an ideal customer profile that your sales and marketing team identifies.

This scoring allows your sales outsourcing team to focus on the most interested buyers and allows you to prioritize on buyers that are the best fit for your company’s solution.

Email Automation

Email automation helps increase the volume of communication for your sales outsourcing team to a new level. Your sales outsourcing team can use emails send bulk emails that appear to be  “personal” emails through your marketing automation tool.  This allows your sales outsourcing team to personally track opens and clicks with automatic notifications.

Your marketing team can craft a message to segment prospects, and dynamically assign the “From” and “Email” field of the lead’s assigned rep.  This serves two main purposes: 1) the sales outsourcing rep will get the credit for a pleased buyer being sent valuable content (yet the rep didn’t have to do anything – marketing and software took care of the touch for them) and 2) all replies to the content will go directly back to the rep.

Buyer Intelligence for Sales Outsourcing Team

Your outsourcing sales rep will be able to see all online behaviors and that information will be available in the CRM that the sales rep works from.  Information like original lead source, specific page views, how long they spent on the page, webinar attendance and video views can all be tracked.  This allows your sales outsourcing team to frame conversations, voicemails and follow-up emails based on those specific prospect activities and areas of interest and need.

Real-Time Lead Alerts for Sales Outsourcing Reps

Real-time lead alerts allow your sales outsourcing team to follow up faster when buyers are actively engaged in the sales education content.  In some cases they can receive instant alerts via email, text messaging, mobile apps, and desktop apps, whichever they prefer.

With these alerts and summaries Reps can:

  • Prioritize their day with the most active prospects
  • Call buyers when they know they are sitting at their desk
  • Click on links to trigger CRM profile lookups for buyer insights
  • Send custom emails to active prospects with a few quick clicks

If you would like to see the tools reps will have at their disposal we invite you to contact us for a free demo of the tools in action.

If you want to learn more about how Gabriel Sales can combine your product knowledge and thought leadership with our sales and marketing automation expertise to get you in the lead scoring game faster, request a complimentary review.