Gabriel Sales helps companies move leads from marketing qualified to sales qualified deals faster.  As a b2b sales marketing company here are a several things we suggest you avoid when following up on inbound leads.

  • Handing leads to your rep without them being educated on the piece that generated the lead.
  • Not leaving a voice mail.
  • Leaving a voice mail that just talks about your company.  Try something like “This is Mary from ACME, we help companies solve this problem, and I wanted to see if we could share another piece of content about.”
  • Always leave your number at the beginning and end of the message.
  • Don’t ignore non-business email addresses. Repeat…do not discount these. According to the latest TechTarget Media Consumption research, approximately 40% of corporate IT buyers indicate that they use their personal email account regularly for business.

A marketing automation is also a big help in increasing you ability to generate more business from your inbound leads. If you have not checked out what these platforms can do here is a quick overview from Pardot  5 Minute Overview of Marketing Automation .

If you curious if an outsourced sales and marketing company can get you on a faster track to sales results feel free to contact us for a quick consultative call.