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B2B Demand Generation

This 4:00 video frames how B2B Demand Generation approached in the right way can:

  • Give Marketing a “Sales Quota”
  • Maximize your Marketing Spend
  • Accelerate your Pipe Velocity
  • Close Business Faster
  • Increase your Inside Sales Team’s Efficiency

Also, we explore if an outsourced sales or outsourced demand generation partner is the right fit for your organization.

Marketing Automation Case Study Healthcare Software and Consulting

Quick Start Account Engagement (Pardot) Implementation + Salesforce Optimization + Training and Transition Gabriel Sales Launches Multiple Awareness and Lead Nurturing Campaigns and then Transitions in 150 Days Situation Post a merger this mid-market software company...

Gabriel Sales Case Study for SMB Client – Engineering and Professional Services

Quick Start Salesforce Implementation + Training and Transition Gabriel Sales Implements Salesforce and Then Transition in less than 90 days Situation The General Manager and Managing Partner of a fast-growing specialized Engineering firm selling complex consulting...

Gabriel Sales Case Study for Enterprise Client – Industrial Building Products Manufacturer

Gabriel Sales Helps Scale Company’s Marketing Automation Engine from 2 to 24 Campaigns to Produce 420 Sales Ready Leads Situation The five person marketing team was very skilled in brand awareness, creative, strategy, tradeshow & event support, product marketing...