Integrated Outsourced Marketing and Sales Team Support Designed for SMBs and Start-Ups

We Design, Build, Launch and Manage Demand Generation Engines for a Consistent Flow of Real Sales Opportunities for Predictable Revenue Growth


We take a pragmatic approach to forming a sales and marketing strategy that builds a reliable system for quick traction and sustained, predictable growth.

Content Production

We craft and document your story to create compelling messages, differentiators, and scripts to accelerate inbound and outbound, and nurturing sales efforts.


We build a system that delivers quality leads through scoring to move users through the buying cycle. Our blended team of experts engage, educate, and convert.


We bridge the gap between sales and marketing to build a predictable and affordable sales and marketing engine to quickly move your sales process to the next level.

Plan for Success – Sales & Marketing Strategy

The internet gives buyers the ability to research, learn, and know exactly what they want, when they want it, and how they want it delivered. Our strategy integrates and aligns the science of solution-sales with the stories and educational content of your product or service solutions. We take a hard, deep look at your product or service, and break it down into an easy-to-understand storyboard of valuable content that caters to the buyer you target. From there, our sales and marketing team aligns and works together to deliver educational and valuable content and product information that tells your story to the right people at the right time.

Agile Sales Acceleration Strategy

Our workshops cover the 7 key areas of solution sales. We analyze your story, content, inbound and outbound lead gen, opportunity development, sales process and marketing platforms. We identify gaps and make concrete recommendations to drive more leads and deals through your pipe fast and predictably.

Sales Story Strategy

Success starts with a great story. Your story. We analyze what’s worked, map your sales process to your buyer’s journey, their needs, and pains. We document and craft your story to create compelling messages, themes, differentiators and scripts to accelerate your outbound, inbound, nurturing, prospect development and calling efforts.

Target the Right Markets

We research markets to effectively target your decision makers, and craft integrated campaigns so you can attack specific buyers through a combination of tactics including: email prospecting, social media marketing, PPC/SEO and cold calling.

Content and Lead Scoring Strategy

Content marketing should drive scored opportunities into your sales pipe. We create a content plan, editorial calendar, lead scoring strategy, and seamless publishing process to fuel and support every stage of your sales pipeline.

Content Audit and Systems Analysis

We audit your existing assets, tactics and market penetration levels. We analyze your existing CRM, automation and marketing platforms. This baseline allows us to make concrete tactical recommendations against specific targets and success criteria.

Aligned Sales & Marketing Process

Scale requires process. We design a sales model that maps your sales process to your buyer’s journey. We create a content map to ensure your team has what it needs to develop and close deals. We audit your CRM and automation systems to focus these tools on maximizing your team’s sales bandwidth and capacity.


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Build for Success – Content Production

Content is now critical at every stage of your buyers’ journey, so a content marketing program is a key ingredient to sales success. We create the buyer-centric content you need to quickly educate early-stage buyers at a lower cost, leverage your marketing automation platform to score the hottest leads, and arm your sales team with the tools it needs to build trust faster, stop discounting and close more business.

Compelling Content Offers 

Generate more leads by providing educational value with Case Studies, Checklists, Videos and Webinars to help your buyer understand top-level issues from your perspective. Drive more inbound leads, fuel outbound campaigns, and make it easy for your sales team to engage buyers.

Professional Sales Videos

Video is the most popular way people seek to understand and engage with your company to learn about your solutions. We provide succinct storyboards, script editing, and pre- and post-production HD videos to make it easy for buyers to see how you help them succeed.

Thought Leadership & ROI Videos

Grow professional credibility, build trust and develop sales opportunities faster with interview videos that digitally clone your thought-leaders. Leverage webcasts to tell your ROI story and metric-driven business case to make your value clear to close faster.

Sales Automation & Demo Videos

Save you and your buyers’ time with short demo clips that address your buyers’ specific needs. Take lead scoring to the next level with videos that make it easy for the buyer to understand what pains you solve, and digitally track engagement for smarter, faster selling.

Digital Demand Center™ Microsites

Your buyer cares about what you can do to solve their problem. Digital Demand Center™ (our proprietary buyer education content management system) builds microsites for specific market segments in minutes. Use this flexible platform for sales, nurturing, inbound and outbound efforts to maximize your investment.

Social Sites

Your buyer is using social networks to research and discover solutions every day. You need to leverage a social presence that reflects your message, and tells your story in a unique way. We build pages for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, then optimize your content for social network results.

Design For Success – Automation Systems Implementation

Maximizing Your Marketing Automation Investment in 90 Days

90% of marketing automation implementations don’t realize their full potential because they never move beyond basic email blasting. With over 30 successful implementations across multiple verticals we can help you build the right way out of the gate or quickly take your automation process to the next level.

Digital Demand Center™

Content is King. Our proprietary content management system integrates seamlessly with your existing website and automation systems to immediately increase your ability to use your existing content for inbound and outbound marketing, opportunity development, and cranks up your lead scoring.

Marketing Automation Implementation

Our team has provided Marketing Automation Implementation services since 2010. Our team will manage your implementation, help you build your initial campaigns, forms, nurturing programs, microsites and landing pages and have your team trained and on-boarded in as little as 30 days.

CRM Integration

Gabriel Sales will integrate your Marketing Automation platform into your CRM, migrate your existing databases, and build the necessary lead dashboards and lead scoring logic, so you can execute, measure, and optimize marketing campaigns and tie your efforts to real opportunities and transactions.

Sales Automation Optimization

Boost your marketing automation and put more qualified sales opportunities into your closers’ hands. We map your buyers’ journey to your sales process and combine Digital Demand Center lead scoring functions and our best practices, so your closers know who to call, when to call, and what to call about.

B2B Development Campaigns

Once you are up and running, our Marketing Managed Service team can help you plan, execute, measure, and optimize marketing campaigns that take full advantage Marketing Automation’s power. We help you with database management, content production and nurturing best practices to run personalized campaigns that produce real results.

Buyer Education Reps

Once you are up and running, we can staff callers that understand how to leverage your automation systems to point your buyers in the right direction, further qualify leads, do preliminary needs assessment and schedule appointments when the buyer is ready to buy, so your closers spend more time closing.

Gabriel Sales helped fill the pipe, develop opportunities and close deals for us. A lot of deals. We were happy with just that. But they are also not short-sighted, and understood we were also going for a client mix that would increase our multiples and they supported that effort. They are a partner you can trust.

Vinay Mishra

Founder & COO, Marketics (Data Analytics)

Execute Successfully – Outsourced Sales & Marketing

Gabriel Sales has been filling pipes, developing opportunities and closing deals since 1999. With the right strategy and tools in place we can hire, build and manage your entire sales and marketing operations. Or we can staff a blended team of marketers and sales reps customized to your specific pipeline goals, sales targets, market penetration objectives and current organizational capabilities to:

Run lead generation campaigns

Develop and qualify opportunities

Manage your content marketing and automation programs

Close more business

Companies work with us because they want to get to market faster with less friction. We typically work with executives and/or investors that are looking to buy a team vs. spending a year to 18 month building a team so they can focus on accelerating their path to repeatable revenue. Why wait a year to 18 months to assemble a team that is producing results. Check out the talent we can pull together for you to hit the market with seasoned, trained and managed professionals in as little as two weeks or less.

Our Team is Your Team

We Can Build and Deploy Your Professional Sales & Marketing Team in Weeks

Companies work with us because they want to get to market faster with less friction. We typically work with executives and/or investors that are looking to buy a team vs. spending a year to 18 month building a team so they can focus on accelerating their path to repeatable revenue. Why wait a year to 18 months to assemble a team that is producing results. Check out the talent we can pull together for you to hit the market with seasoned, trained and managed professionals in as little as two weeks or less.

Automation Expert

Our team has dozens of implementations under its belt.

How We Help?

  • Implement and manage Lead Scoring Center™ marketing automation
  • Configure Lead Scoring Center™ Persona & Journey integration
  • Program ongoing nurture campaigns
  • Ongoing Lead Scoring optimization
  • Systems training and support

Database Analyst

The first rule of data-management is: garbage in, garbage out.

How We Help?

  • List research
  • New list acquisition & management
  • Sales suppression list management
  • Conversion reporting
  • Managing Database Integrity

Telemarketing Reps

Build awareness and trust faster by offering something of value.

How We Help?

  • Execute discrete outbound cold calling campaigns
  • Email campaign follow up
  • Pre & post tradeshow and even campaigns

Marketing Manager

Stay top of mind with your buyers and make it easy to find your solution.

How We Help?

  • Design and project manage outbound email campaigns
  • Design and project manage deployment of nurture campaigns
  • Coordinate and maintain content production calendar
  • Accountable for quality control and customer experience
  • Manage reporting and analysis

Inside Reps

Friendly and professional stewarding of buyers to qualify and find the right solution fit

How We Help?

  • Develop Opportunities
  • Identify needs and pains
  • Qualify leads
  • Set Appointments
  • Closing

Sales Content Producer

Continue to fuel your engine and support reps with a steady stream of thought leadership

How We Help?

  • Implements Digital Demand Center™
  • Manage copywriters
  • Produces videos
  • Educational webcast production
  • Microsite and landing page builds
  • Design & deploy PPC marketing campaigns
  • Optimize content for SEO
  • Social media content production and distribution

Grow your business with modern sales and marketing.

Proven strategies, tactics, technology and talent to generate a sustained flow of qualified sales opportunities.


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