How Sales Outsourcing can be applied to many different areas to grow company revenue

Sales outsourcing can be applied to multiple stages of a company’s sales process to help accelerate revenue, increase sales funnel volume and to drive a more consistent flow of real sales opportunities. And with the proliferation of modern sales and marketing technologies like CRMs and marketing automation platforms it is now possible to use outsourcing for point solutions for multiple stages of your sales funnel.

Here are the areas that you can use a sales outsourcing partner to provide a point solution to help you increase your sales lead generation process to grow revenue this year.

Targeting and Initial Lead Generation Database. The first step in building any sustainable lead generation process is to ensure you are targeting the right market and generating targets that are the right fit for your solution. Think of your target database as this foundation. Without the proper database of leads to target your sales funnel never gets off the ground.  A sales outsourcing company will have subscriptions to multiple research tools and access to multiple databases that most small business or start-ups don’t have (and that probably would not make sense to invest in).   An outsourcing company can help you construct the right database quickly.

Initial Engagement. Meaningful marketing is centered on making the buyer aware you exist.  This requires a combination of email marketing, cost effective pay per click advertising and phone reps to introduce your solution. To engage with prospects and potential buyers in a meaningful way, you must develop tactics that use educational content to introduce your company to the buyer. And you need to align the distribution of that content across both digital communication and your reps. To do this effectively, you must have a content marketing strategy in place to provide educational engagement, and well trained reps to support that effort. An adequate marketing and sales company can do this for you quickly.

Conversion.  Sales outsourcing companies are now using modern sales and marketing technologies that score leads in real time and delivers profile information that identifies what buyers are most likely to buy.  Automated campaigns have higher conversion rates but in some cases companies do not have enough calling resources to help them to convert earlier stage buyers that have not made an inbound request.  A sales outsourcing company can help you staff part time or full time reps for specific period of time to help you mine you system for more leads faster.

Sales and Marketing Automation Technology. Businesses are now leveraging tools to simplify and automate parts of the sales process. A sales outsourcing company will understand how these technologies work.  The company will also have experience customizing these tools for different types of sales.  You may want to consider outsourcing your automation technology to a company that can do it quickly with a blended team of experts to save you time and money.

Gabriel Sales provides full service sales outsourcing solutions for start-ups and small businesses.   This also includes providing point solutions for companies looking to build modern sales and marketing operations.  You can click here to learn more about our specific sales outsourcing solutions and click here to learn more about our approach to outsourced sales.