Grow Your Business with Modern B2B Sales and Marketing Strategy

We specialize in helping Start Ups and SMBs meet the challenges of selling in today’s new digital and buyer driven landscape. We have a 15 year track record helping B2B companies grow their businesses.

Your team of dedicated experts deploy an integrated sales and marketing process to drive sustained, scalable and predictable growth.

  • We craft a custom strategy to launch a modern sales and marketing engine for quick traction and sustained, predictable growth
  • Our content marketing and automation experts build your demand gen engine faster, at a lower cost
  • We staff a team of sales and/or marketing experts to augment gaps in your existing team to help you convert leads into opportunities and opportunities into deals

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“We were struggling to build awareness and gain quick traction in the market. Gabriel Sales’ sales consulting took us from zero to 60 mph in a fraction of the time we could have done this on our own. Sales automation and reps armed with digital content is the wave of the future and we’re happy to be at the front of the wave.”
Matthew Heim

EVP of Sales , Inno360

Success Starts with an Integrated Sales and Marketing Strategy to Target Buyers with Compelling Sales Stories and Content


The internet gives buyers the ability to research, learn, and know exactly what they want, when they want it, and how they want it delivered. Our strategy integrates and aligns the science of solution-sales with the stories and educational content of your product or service solutions. From there, our sales and marketing team aligns and works together to deliver educational and valuable content and product information that tells your story to the right people at the right time.


B2B Strategy Workshop

Our workshops cover the 7 key areas of solution sales. We analyze your story, content, inbound and outbound lead gen, opportunity development, sales process and marketing platforms. We identify gaps and make concrete recommendations to drive more leads and deals through your pipe fast and predictably.


Sales Story Strategy

We analyze what’s worked, map your sales process to your buyer’s journey and their needs and pains. We craft and document your story to create compelling messages, themes, differentiators and scripts to accelerate your outbound, inbound, nurturing, development and calling efforts.

Target the Right Markets

We research markets to effectively target your decision makers and craft integrated campaigns, so you can attack specific buyers through a combination of tactics including: email prospecting, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC/SEO and cold calling.

Content and Lead Scoring Strategy

Content marketing should drive scored opportunities into your sales pipe. We create a content plan, editorial calendar, lead scoring strategy and seamless publishing process to fuel and support every stage of your sales pipeline.

We Deploy a Seasoned Team of Strategy Experts and Sales and Marketing Professionals

We Can Build and Deploy Your Professional Sales & Marketing Team in Weeks

Companies work with us because they want to get to market faster with less friction. Why wait a year to 18 months to assemble a team that is producing results? We will staff a team of seasoned, trained and managed professionals in as little as two weeks.

Marketing Manager

Data driven strategy and management


  • Project management
  • Ongoing analysis
  • Coordinate and maintain ongoing strategy
  • Recommend pivots
  • Recommend optimization
  • Accountable for results


Sales Content Producer

Produce a steady stream of content


  • Landing pages
  • Micro Sites
  • Email copy
  • Videos
  • Articles


Automation Experts

Deep understanding of systems best practices


  • Implement and manage  marketing automation
  • Database management
  • Program systems
  • Ongoing optimization
  • Systems training and support


Sales Development Reps

Build awareness and and qualify leads faster


  • Cold calling campaigns
  • Email campaign follow up
  • Lead qualification
  • Pre & post tradeshow and event campaigns



We Have a 15 Year Track Record Driving Real Business Growth. Hear What Our Client’s Say About Our Approach and Their Success

Every business is unique! Your engine will be customized using buyer personas and powerful sales stories and processes.  We have deep domain expertise helping companies technology, software, professional services and product companies. And we really kill it for companies when thier are multiple buyers and demos of the product/solution or meeting the thought leaders behind the delivery of the solution is critical to closing the sale. Visit our library of Case Studies and additional Customer Successes

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Integrated B2B Sales and Marketing Experts




Most solutions are now first “bought” by making it easy for the buyer to self-educate digitally, and then “sold” by customer service oriented sales professionals with access to a buyer’s digital footprint. Gabriel Sales combines inbound and outbound demand generation, content marketing, automation systems and sales professionals to make it easy for your buyer to buy.

Battle Tested Strategies, Frameworks, Tactics and Teams

1. Plan

Your strategists work with your team to understand your success criteria and audit your current state. We then craft an integrated sales and marketing program to:

  • Target Right Buyers
  • Generate Leads
  • Tell Powerful Sales Stories
  • Increase Demand
  • Qualify Oprrounities
  • Scale a Predictable Process

2. Build

Our sales executives, content marketing and sales automation experts build your customized sales and marketing engine faster at a lower cost including:

  • Digital Content
  • Video Production
  • Sales Automation Systems Setup
  • Sales Scripts & Training

3. Convert

We staff a blended team of trained and managed sales, demand generation, digital marketing, and technology pros to generate demand and convert buyers.

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Database and Systems Manager
  • Buyer Development Reps
  • Sales Managers

4. Optimize

Your senior strategist and account manager will continuously analyze your data and results to recommend and continuously improve and optimize:

  • Targeting
  • Buyer Engagement
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Cost of Sale % ROI

Gabriel Sales’ Proven Solution and Approach is a Fraction of the Cost of Building on Your Own.

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