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Turnkey Sales and Marketing Operations and Digital First Pre-Sales Automation Designed Specifically for B2B Small and Medium Sized Businesses



Everything You Need to Fill Your Sales Funnel with a Consistent Flow of Well Educated Buyers

A Frictionless Digital First Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and Demand Generation Process Your B2B Buyers and Sales Team Will Both Love

Lead Generation

Multi-channel campaigns to build awareness and spark interest in your solution

Lead Nurturing

Sustained digital pre-sales education campaigns to create demand and well educated Buyers for your solution

Lead Conversion

Tactics and technology to Pre-Qualify Buyers and prioritize “Sales Ready” leads for your sales team

The Challenge for All B2B Sellers is Clear

“B2B marketing leaders must transform their organizations—and quickly—from their traditional role of brand stewards and lead-generation to become sales supporters and the architect of digital engagement across the entire sales lifecycle with digital content and nurturing.”

Forrester, “A Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the B2B Marketing Renaissance


Scale Faster with Less Risk Leveraging Digital Demand Center™

Watch this quick 9:00 overview video and software demo to learn more about how DDC™ can help you meet the needs and desires of the Modern Digital First  B2B Buyer.  And then decide for yourself if our turnkey solution can help you:


  • Increase your Sales Funnel by 450%
  • Double your closing rate
  • Lower your Cost of Sales %

 Free Digital First Transformation Educational Video Series

80% of the B2B Sales Process Will Be Automated by 2025

“Gartner’s Future of Sales” research shows that by 2025 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will be automated and occur in digital channels  (Gartner, “Future of B2B Sales Study”)


Have Your Ad Hoc Campaigns Stopped Producing the Same Results?

Marketing and sales operations have changed more in the last 3 years than the preceding 50.   We have created a Free 60 minute crash course packed with all the data, knowledge and insights a business owner needs to make smarter and more informed strategic decisions to meet the needs of the Modern Digital First B2B Buyer.

Digital First Transformation and The Impact on B2B Buyers and Sellers

How Tactics Work and Overview of the Automation Tech Stack

Investment Required for Success and Return on Investment (ROI)

With a 20 Year Track Record of Proven Sales and Marketing Operations Expertise and After Over 100 Marketing Automation Implementations – DDC™ Was Built to Help SMBs Thrive


We map your Buyer’s Journey to your Sales Process to craft a custom digital first buyer education strategy


We implement your sales automation systems and plug any required content gaps


We launch and run sustained campaigns to turn leads into well educated buyers and “Sales Ready” leads



Reporting, insights, and innovation for continuous improvement, increased revenue and wealth creation


Products/Solutions Successfully Launched

MILLION in Client Equity/Acquisition Exits

MILLION Annual Reoccurring Revenue

Marketing Automation Implmentations

Don’t Stop at Appointment Setting and Lead Generation

All the Tools, Tech, Tactics and Talents You Need to Turn Leads into Well Educated Buyers and “Sales Ready” Leads


Case Studies and Client Testimonials

Fundraising Event and Retail Company

Gabriel Sales outsourced marketing efforts consistently produces 20 sales opportunities every month

Company was planning on increasing the size of the rep force by 25% and needed to increase the volume of deals for both existing reps and new territories. Company had no database or inside sales and marketing support team to generate new leads. Read More

Supply Chain Services and Software

Outsourced marketing engine produces 2 to 4 opportunities a month for company founder

A privately held professional service company developed a niche software for the seasonal manufacturing industry.  Initially company needed to generate awareness and engage 20,000 decision makers at 6,000 companies.   Read More

Management Consulting

Gabriel Sales doubled deal flow and tripled revenue in first 18 months with Outsourced Sales and Marketing

Company successfully launched  from founders’ Rolodexes and then had flat sales for several years. Tried to hire several enterprise reps burning through over $300K. with no results. Then they hired Gabriel Sales to build modern and sales marketing.  Read More

Visit Our Client Success Stories Section for More Examples of our Systematic and Customized Approaches

Founder – eSenior Life Insurance

VP of Marketing – Source1 Purchasing

Managing Partner – Engineering Firm

Hear what more clients have to say about their experience on our Testimonial Page

Scale Faster with Less Risk With Our Affordable and Fully Integrated Marketing and Sales Solution

We Specialize in Building Modern Outbound Marketing and Sales Support Engines for SMBs and Start-Ups

We help you build a repeatable sales and marketing process by combining content marketing and marketing automation with ongoing outbound and inbound campaigns. We staff trained inside sales reps and marketers to build, run and manage these scalable sales engines. Our top priority is to put real opportunities in your closers’ pipe and to help accelerate your sales cycles.

Experience, Expertise and Passion Matter

We Have A 15-Year Track Record Accelerating Sales & Increasing Business Valuations

Our senior executive team is passionate about helping founders, entrepreneurs and executives drive revenue with less headaches, while simultaneously building an infrastructure and process that helps create wealth for their stakeholders.

As an outsourced sales and marketing partner, we help you hit your revenue, market penetration and sales targets. As your strategic partners, our executives collaborate with your executives to help you increase shareholder value. We understand how to support your efforts to increase the value of your company.


We know market insights are critical to sustain sales growth. We implement feedback loops and distill the most powerful customer insights, so you learn, as we sell.


The faster you forecast, the faster you grow. We build B2B sales engines that score leads and measure ROI, so your team can make smarter sales and marketing decisions.


Nothing is more painful than building sales momentum and then hitting the wall. You will find market fit sooner, and close business faster with a repeatable sales process.

What our Clients Say

Gabriel Sales helped fill the pipe, develop opportunities and close deals for us. A lot of deals. We were happy with just that. But they are also not short sighted and understood we were also going for a client mix that would increase our multiples and they supported that effort. They are a partner you can trust.

Vinay Mishra

Founder & COO, Marketics (Data Analytics)

We were struggling to build awareness and gain quick traction in the market. Gabriel Sales sales consulting took us from zero to 60 mph in a fraction of the time we could have done this on our own. Sales automation and reps armed with digital content is the wave of the furure and we’re happy to be at the front of the wave.

Matthew Heim

EVP of Sales, Inno360 (Software)

Our big question was, “Where would we get the content?” We were shocked, we didn’t realize how much content we were sitting on. They helped us draw out and produce a great deal of professional content. We immediately improved our ability to target new markets, lift SEO and develop leads with entry level sales reps.

Dan Beall

Partner, The Strategy House (Healthcare Consulting)

When the down turn hit it took us by surprise. I had to justify my position and all my investments to the board and Gabriel Sales saved me a tremendous amount of time because everything they did was metric driven. It made it easy for us to remain profitable, but more, their feedback systems help shape the products and strategy of the company.

James Miller

EVP of Sales, VNU Global Media

Sales, Marketing and Automation Strategy

We help you target buyers with powerful stories and craft systematic sales focused marketing processes to predictably scale revenue.

Content Production and Systems Implementation

We create compelling content, run campaigns and deploy automation systems to generate demand and accelerate lead volume.

Outsourced Marketing and Sales Team Support

We manage a blended team of sales and marketing professionals to engage, educate, and convert leads into appointments and opportunities.

Most Popular Educational Resources

The Team You Need for Modern Sales and Marketing

Today’s buyers expect you to sell to them with digital education across multiple platforms.  This requires a well oiled machine with a team that works well together.  Here is what a successful team looks like.  Read More

B2B Buyers Content Preference Report

67% of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally. As a modern marketer, it’s critical to create educational and thought-leadership content around each buyer stage.  To learn what type of content buyers prefer Read More

What is Lead Scoring and Why is it Critical for SMBs

Lead Scoring is an objective ranking of one sales lead against another to maximize your sales efforts. It is the foundation of modern sales and marketing.  Download the White Paper

Best Practices Using Video for B2B Marketing and Sales Automation

Today, solutions are first “bought,” through buyer education content, then “sold,” when the buyer gains trust and is ready to  buy.  Successful B2B videos are clear, honest, and direct to make it easier for your buyer to buy. There is no better or cost effective way to demonstrate thought leadership and the value of your solution than video.

This landing page shares a complete content framework for effective lead scoring and best practices along with sample videos that are effective for specific stages of your  marketing and sales funnel.  Visit Page



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