The New Rules of Sales and Marketing

Integrated Sales and Marketing Best Practices

According to a recent study by Adam Needles, companies that have fully committed to gearing their sales strategy directly to the buyer and supported by digital content have seen revenue increases of 157% over a period of just two years. On the flip side, companies that have ignored this growing trend in sales strategy have experienced stagnant revenue.

Today, more and more solutions are first “Bought” through digital education and then “Sold” by a Sales Rep that can add value above and beyond what can be done with digital education.  Sales now needs to expect:

  • Longer sales cycles
  • More informed buyers
  • Marketing to support the early stage sales effort

This White Paper is a crash course in the basics of how to get more sales support from marketers. Learn how lead gen reps and marketing can work together to generate more sales demand. Topics covered in this White Paper include:

  • How the buying process has changed
  • How this impacts the sales process
  • How marketing needs to support sales
  • The type of content you need for success
  • How to leverage technology to support sales












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