Outsourcing Lead Generation Case Study for Social Media SaaS and Professional Services

The Challenge

The Technology Company developed a real time analytics technology had already launched into a non-marketing focused vertical with success but limited growth potential.  The product worked well but the market was not big enough. The initial company needed more capital for growth. Series B investors required new vertical and marque client traction to close round. The company had no internal competency in market research, analytics, solution sales or ad agency sales.

The Solution

  • Outsourcing Lead Generation – Staff three lead generation reps for first 120 days to fill the pipe
  • Sales Consulting and New Product Launch –  Simultaneously worked with client executives and  took existing technology and sales repackaged new verticals
  • New Product Launch – Staffed inside rep and sold initial low end intro packages.
  • Outsourcing Sales – Cut lead gen team in half and staffed a full time enterprise sales representative to move into elephant hunting mode
  • Sales and Account Management Recruiting – Trained two senior sales representatives hired directly by company as Gabriel Sales blended team filled their pipes. Recruited a Market Research PhD to manage client servicing
  • Sales Process Consulting –  Functioned as temporary SVP of Sales and Marketing


Pilot Deals Closed

Fortune 500 Companies Renewed

Additonal Pilots

Agency Relationships Scaled

The Results Were Amazing

  • First 180 days
    • 18 pilot deals closed
    • One of the top 3 players in; CPG, Entertainment, Beverage, Office Products, B2B tech, Management Consulting, and Retail closed
    • 2 of the top 4 Advertising Agencies running pilots.  5 other smaller agencies piloting
    • Series B round closed
  • Second 360 days
    • 12 additional pilots
    • 2 Agency relationships scaled leveraging solution across 5 or more Fortune 500 clients per agency as recommended solution
    • 5 Fortune 500 clients renewed and scaled from pilot to annual deals – three to $200K plus, one to $300K plus, one $500K plus
    • Helped to recruit a President to oversee entire business development, client services and sales operations
    • Transitioned Gabriel Sales team over as employees of the company

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