When a small business or startup company is ready to take a new product to market or the founders of the company have reached their sales capacity and bandwidth, they often consider if it makes sense to outsource sales.  But many companies are not aware that it is now possible to outsource sales and marketing.  Many companies are also not aware that it also makes sense to outsource both functions because lead generation, lead development and lead qualification now require aligned sales and marketing.

This is because your new digital buyer now expects you to educate them about your product and solution with easy to digest digital education and a friendly and helpful team of buyer education reps, sales engineers, sales qualifiers and closers. So modern sales and marketing operations now requires a staged sales process that meets the needs of the buyers buying process.   An outsource sales and marketing campaign can help you do this quickly, effectively and at a lower cost.

Repeatable Outsourced Sales ProcessStep in an Outsource Sales Campaign

Targeting – The first step in the process is making it easy for the buyer to become aware of your solution.   An outsource sales and marketing team can help you research the market and then target that market with SEO, PPC, email and social media campaigns.

Lead Generation –  An outsource sales and marketing team can then help you execute that campaign to generate awareness and a gain a fresh set of leads.

Nurturing campaigns –  An outsource sales and marketing team will then implement a nurturing campaign and create the content you need to make it easy for the buyer to educate themselves about your solution.

Lead scoring –  Your outsource sales and marketing team will then use your marketing automation technology to score those leads.  This allows them to prioritize what buyers to focus on to maximize your lead generation campaign budget.

Sales qualifying –  finally your outsource sales partner can staff sales reps to qualify those leads and pass them to your sales engineers to close.

Gabriel Sales specializes in helping companies committed to aggressive growth quickly build modern sales and marketing operations to accelerate revenue.  To learn more about how we help you sell to the new digital buyer using both sales and marketing tactics we invite you to visit our new approach to outsource sale page.