frfrffYour company is ready to jump on your lead generation opportunities and use sales to quickly increase your revenue.  The problem is, you don’t know how to make it happen.

As a sales outsourcing company that specializes directly in solving this problem, we can offer some insight as to how you should proceed.  The new digital marketplace has changed the way business, especially the sales process, gets done.  If you want to beat the competition, you need to understand how you can use this new way of doing business to work as effectively as possible.  To do this, you first need to evaluate your current process to look for your strengths and the areas where you need to take action.

Sales outsourcing may be able to augment sales gaps and increase sales pipe velocity.  Three things to look at when evaluating how to proceed are the efficiency of your current sales team, your strategy for marketing and your ability to execute.

Sales Team Efficiency
  • Look at the structure of your team. Is it set up to achieve your goal of increasing revenue and developing new prospects?  Can your sales manager organize and encourage your team to close deals in a time efficient manner?  Does your team need extra training to make this happen?
  • Evaluate your sales process.  How do you monitor your sales process and evaluate its effectiveness?  Do you use marketing automation or sales force technology? Do you have a way to understand changing market conditions and respond accordingly?
Marketing Strategy
  • Look at how you spread information about your service or product.  Are you using social media to your advantage? Do you have digital educational content available to customers to help in the sales process?  Is your website capable of finding new leads for you?
  • Evaluate your message.  Is everyone at your company sending out a consistent message? Are your sales and marketing teams aligned? Do they work with each other to create an effective lead generation strategy?
Execution Ability
  • Look at how you deliver your service or product.  Is your team set up to make this process go as smoothly as possible?  Do you have people who are constantly available for customer support?  What might it take to make this happen?

If these questions expose some holes or deficiencies in your current business process, it may be time to look into possible solutions.  If you are willing to devote time and resources to finding solutions and building a scalable sales machine, Gabriel Sales, as an sales outsourcing company, can provide you with tools, strategies and people to make it happen.  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more.