Outsource Sales – Start with Sale Prospecting First?

When owners of companies with complex sales or solutions sales are ready to scale they often consider two options:

  • Hiring an outside sales rep or outsourcing closing
  • Outsource sales to prospect and fill the funnel

As an outsource sales and marketing company, we have a strong belief that in many cases the second path can make more sense. Or, in some cases it makes sense to hire an outside sales rep and outsource sales at the same time.

This quick blog article will quickly explore the pros and cons of both approaches and recommend an alternative path.

Lead with Outside Sales Reps First

Remember Outside Sales Reps Are Closers Not Lead Gen Experts

For the past 20 years the standard way for small businesses to scale sales is to hire an enterprise-level sales rep. This is because organizations believe that senior sales reps can leverage their extensive contacts to generate narrow leads and close deals. But every sales rep’s list of contacts is finite. When the rep gets through that initial push, leads dry up quickly.

And outside reps by the time they get to this point in their career, cold calling and content marketing to generate leads is not something they are doing on a regular basis. It is not something you should expect them to do.

In most cases if you invest in a closer first you are putting the cart before the horse. You are focusing on the bottom of the funnel and are in a high risk situation because you are counting on the outside reps ability to close deals. But you are also relying on them to generate leads as well. And the reality is a closer cannot do both effectively at the same time.  So even in the best of circumstances you will generate a handful of initial deals and then the closer will not have a top of new set of leads in the top of the funnel to work. You are investing in the bottom of the funnel and not the top of the funnel, which leads to point two.

Outside Sales Reps Are Expensive

Simply throwing sales reps at your revenue growth problem without focusing on lead generation first is expensive. Domain experts with solid experience command a large base salary and substantial compensation package. Inside reps and a marketing team that can generate leads can often come in at the same or even reduced cost.

If you have a founder or internal resources that can close deals it often makes sense to ramp the lead generation first to:

  • Ensure you have a sustained flow of leads
  • Give your closer something to close as soon as they walk through the door
Outsource Sales to Fill the Sale Funnel First

Throwing bodies at a sales problem no long works reliably. Instead of hiring expensive outside sales reps it now often makes sense to invest in modern sales an marketing operations first to fill your sales funnel with a consistent and repeatable flow of leads. An outsource sales organizations can now:

  • Fill your funnel with leads with PPC campaigns, email marketing campaigns and cold calling
  • They can then use content marketing and marketing automation systems to score leads
  • They can staff business development reps to qualify leads for your closer
  • You can then continue to close deals with your existing team and when you have a funnel that is bursting you can hire that expensive outside sales rep and get them productive immediately
About Gabriel Sales

Gabriel Sales specializes in filling your sales funnel with warm sales qualified leads. We build modern sales and marketing operations that are crucial for sustained revenue growth – using a combination of marketers, business development reps and tools to maximize your investment. Visit our about us page to learn more about our approach and services for outsource sales.