Professional Services – Outsourced Sales – Launching a New Technology Solution

Selling to Fashion, Consumer Electronics and Other Seasonally Driven Manufacturing Business

A professional services firm had developed a technology solution that optimized product management with tools for product managers and supply chain forecasting.  Company executives had deep domain expertise and technology expertise and had successfully migrated existing clients to the solution.  They needed to scale the sales of the technology beyond their existing customer base.

Company needed a complete marketing solution and needed to introduce the product into the core markets that would see the most value from the product immediately.


  • The core audience of end users and final decision makers for the technology solution was less than 50,000 individuals across the United States
  • Company had no database, CRM and website was 4 years old.
  • The senior executives were skilled in their ability to close a deal once interested and did not want to invest 150K – 200K in a senior sales executive.
  • Typical sales cycle was 9 month to a year from first contact.

Initial Solution:

Sales and Marketing Strategy, Target Market Research, Content Strategy, Sales Automation and Website Development, B2B Lead Gen Campaign, Outsourced Sales and Marketing Execution

  • Gabriel Sales implemented our sales strategy workshop to develop an integrated sales and marketing strategy.
  • Re‐developed website in order to engage key prospect and customer segments by leveraging Company’s deep, industry‐leading expertise and knowledge
  • Targeted entire market of decision makers with comprehensive outbound calling & email campaign.
  • Implemented Marketing Automation System and Digital Demand Center™
  • Implemented a lead scoring solution to prioritize buyers based on their engagement with content
  • Executed both a cold calling and email marketing campaign to build the initial database and generate first round of leads
  • Planned and developed ongoing buyer education nurturing program with relevant and valuable content mapped to the buying process

Initial Results:

  • Targeted and made sure the entire market was aware of the company and their solution.
  • Developed a database of 20,000 senior decision makers that have opted into the company’s ongoing monthly buyer education marketing to ensure company remains top of mind.
  • Developed 4 sales qualified opportunities

Ongoing Solution

After the initial market was made aware of the solution the solution moved from outsourced sales and marketing to outsourced marketing to sustain a steady flow of sales ready leads monthly

  • Run 2 to 3 thought leadership campaigns per month 1 three part new lead gen campaign twice annually
    • Create content
    • Run campaigns
  • Staff blended outsourced marketing team to manage ongoing nurturing
  • Continue to score leads and transition to company executive for follow up

Results Ongoing

  • Ongoing nurturing produces 6-8 sales ready leads per month
  • 2 – 3 sales qualified opportunities per month
  • Generates enough lead flow for steady and organic growth of the company without incurring overhead costs

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