Outsourcing sales can rapidly increase lead generation

Lead nurturing is quickly becoming a staple of modern sales and marketing operations and outsourcing sales and marketing is a solid way for some SMBs to accelerate their volume of qualified sale opportunities.  Here are some statistics from the 2016 Lead Nurturing Benchmark Survey of mid-market companies:

  • Lead nurturing programs are now being tested by over 89% of B2B companies.
  • The remaining 11% are planning on nurturing in 2017
  • 42% of mid-market organizations are now moving into their third year of nurturing


In this new sales paradigm where content marketing and your sales team now need to work side by side to generate a sustained flow of leads educating buyers digitally, small business without internal resources and expertise can struggle to compete. Once you have made the business decision to commit to a sustained lead nurturing strategy, a sales and marketing outsourcing company could be a great solution to accelerate your organization’s ability to execute this strategy successfully. Below are the advantages an outsourcing sales and marketing company can provide your team to accelerate your lead nurturing program:

Automation platform selection

Marketing automation technologies are a critical tool to successful lead nurturing.  Companies now have dozens of marketing automation technologies to choose from.  And this choice can quickly become overwhelming with prices ranging from monthly costs of $200 to $2000 for companies just getting started.    Add to this that terms can range from quarterly commitments to 2 year commitments and this business decision is a great deal to wade through for most small businesses.   An outsourcing sales and marketing company will have a process in place to be able to work with you to make sure you pick the right solution based on your needs, current state of maturity, short term ROI needs and long term business goals.

Improve speed to market


Time is money.  And a lead nurturing program takes between 6 months to 18 months to provide a sustained return.  Slow speed to market gives the competition an advantage.  A sales and marketing outsourcing company can help to minimize that advantage and tilt the playing field in your direction in the following ways:


  • If you do not have a database of opt in leads to nurture an outsourcing sales and marketing company will be able to generate those opt in leads for you quickly and cost effectively
  • A sales and marketing outsourcing company will be able to implement your technologies in weeks
  • A company adept in sales outsourcing will be able to create the first wave of sales automation and marketing content to launch your nurturing program
  • This type of company will be able to staff the calling resources or train your calling resources how to convert early stage leads into sales qualified leads

Set benchmarks and keep you focused on best practices 

An outsourcing sales and marketing company that has implemented multiple lead scoring programs will already understand what early success looks like.   Automation technologies give you visibility into a buyer’s digital footprint.   An outsourcing sales and marketing company will be able to work with your team to help you understand what the early data and trends mean so you can use your customer insights faster to scale your investment in lead nurturing appropriately.

Stay prioritized

Lead nurturing requires a commitment to a process.   Once your lead nurturing program has been launched it needs to be sustained.  In some cases this means increasing your budget, but for many small businesses we have seen that long term success simply requires:

  • Building a database of your core target market
  • Track the content that has been of most value to your early stage buyers
  • Simply remain focused on the buyers highest educational priority and continue to create that content on a regular basis creating more customer friendly content

The days of simply throwing more money at sales and marketing is not always the right solution.   An outsourcing sales and marketing company will help you stay prioritized on the closest to the dollar activities to help you get the best return from your lead nurturing investment.

To learn more about Gabriel Sales’ approach to  outsourcing sales and marketing to decide if we can help you to quickly modernize your sales and marketing operations we invite you to check out our About Us page.